Movie Review-The Guide


Review-This film really shocked me how entertaining it was. I looked at the cover like you are doing right now and thought this film is going to be a survivalist film rip off of all these films that guides help non-locals out and things go awry. At first it does start out sort of the same we are used to with Joe Dawkins who is a buck hunter. He is a man who has demons of his past like blaming himself for his wife’s death last year. Enter Greg who is a lawyer whose failures in life make him want advancement in life at any means. Greg has hired Joe to help him win a wager that his boss made. There is a subplot that involves Joe’s daughter who has become the sole remaining reason he exists, she is in the company of a drug dealer and Joe wants to be her savior and help her. Greg and Joe are on the track of the buck that last year eluded him and was part of why his wife died. This film shows a different dimension to the hunter, where they have hearts and when they lose someone it is almost the feeling of when they kill an animal. We have a mere mortal man who is dealing with his daughter’s bad habits when she robs a local drug dealer who now is threatening her life if the drugs are not returned. We have so many situations that really make this film such a tense little adventure. You have Joe leading Greg and his brother-in-law looking for some buck that cannot be killed it seems at first. This film goes at a very slow and tense pace and the mood very seldom changes. The characters are very well done and the dialogue comes across as very smart yet enthralling. To see this film plays out is just a really shock, that they pulled it off so well. This film plays out of tragedy but yet has little sparks of hope to keep us cheering on Joe. The ending is a flat out punch in the gut that long after you take the film out you will ponder what you just watched. This is more in the vein of The Edge then any action film like Cliffhanger. The only negative I can think of with this film is that it was not a bigger deal. This film is going to surprise the modern movie fan. What a treasure and I am really still thinking about the ending hours after I am done watching it.

8.5 out of 10