Movie Review-The Conspiracy


Believe March 25th

Review-The Conspiracy is one of those films that I have heard so much hype about and I felt (yes we are making this speech again) it could not deliver. 2014 is going to be not only my last year doing this, but will be murder to figure out a number one film and we are only 3 months in this year. The Conspiracy is all the hype and so much more, this film is a different kind of horror. First off, it is a mockumentary that taps into a true horror, conspiracies. This film is shot in a found footage style with a documentary on A&E feel. As the film opens we meet Aaron and Jim who are two documentarians who are researching Terrence who comes across as a kookier Alex Jones. The two documentarians discover as the film gets going that Terrance has just vanished and his apartment is a mess. Well, Aaron decides to continue the work of Terrence and uncovers a secret society. I will start this off by saying that everyone should stop reading this review and getting a pre-order in for this film. This film is so original, cutting edge in its creativity and gives you a horror film that is more real than fiction. This film from start to finish kept my attention, even when they abandoned the documentary feel and went into found footage, I was still amazed at how amazing this story was and how the characters really delivered. This film blurs the lines between absurd and actual, and the line between sanity and insanity. Terrence as the film starts looks like that everyday concrete conspiracy prophet and as the film goes on you start to see what he was talking about and warning us about start to show itself. This film I feel will be viewed in the same way as the one-sided views of Michael Moore who clearly is more fluff then stuff. This film paints a picture that may feel a little too real to some, but unlike Moore this film does not feel like an ego stroke on a soapbox trying to be seen as a martyr. This is a film that will stick with you long after you shut it off. This is a very interesting film that I feel mainstream audiences should have embraced, and made it such a bigger deal. At the end of this year, this film will make a ton of top ten lists and so rightfully so. This film is brave, bold and a hard kick in the balls or pussy of what we view horror as. This film scared the shit out of me more than any monster, zombie or demon. This is America and what our country is about; and during the Bush and Obama terms- that was our true horror and this film is such a welcome relief.

10 out of 10