Movie Review-Sparks


Review-Talk about a surprise let me rephrase this comment. Talk about a fucking shock. Sparks from start to finish is such a welcome treat. Writer, director and co-director Christopher Folino has brought to life a hope that I feel other up-and-coming directors get inspired by. This film is shot in the vein of Sin City meets Sky Captain. This story is set in the 1940’s and is about the rise and fall of Ian Sparks. We learn in the opening minutes that the Sparks family are on an ordinary family drive, as they wait at the railroad tracks for the train to pass by is when this drive takes a sick turn. A car chase is happening behind them and this chase ends up with a car wreck that the family car gets slammed into the passing train. The Sparks family dies but Ian gets washed into a mix of chemicals and he survives. The death of his parents paints a Batman like picture for our Sparks, who decides to don a mask and stop crime. He lives with his Aunt in his youth as he is starting to get more and more of a reputation as a crime-fighter. As he gets older, he decides he cannot do it alone and wants to move to a bigger place to fight crime. Sparks finds his Robin in the form of Heavenly. She steals his heart almost immediately, and they begin not only becoming a team but lovers as well. The city has an enemy name Matanza who seems to be eluding the cops and the body count rises, so the team decides to track him down. This night would prove to be the downfall for Sparks. Sparks is shot in the head and Heavenly is captured and a copy named Sledge saves her. Sledge and she fall in love, and Sparks is left trying to figure it all out. We learn that Sledge has killed this Matanza which opens up for a copycat to now be the new threat. The whole first hour of this film is told by Sparks as he is sitting in a newspaper office telling two people his story of his origins, his love and his fall. There is so much to this film to recommend, I loved how the director and actors showed patience and really built a very well told story that I feel people will feel like they are turning the pages of a graphic novel more than watching a film unfold. The actors all gave amazing performances and there is so much more I have not even touched on yet, like the guy who saved Sparks life when he was a little kid reappearing and needing Sparks to help him out, which opens up a relationship with a woman who can turn into any person and imitate them like Darkman. This leads Sparks to make her into Heavenly so he can keep her alive in his heart and soul while she is with her new love. The negatives to this film which are few to none are easy, the last fifteen minutes I felt were a little underwhelming, that the film started to lose patience towards the climax and try to finish it all up quick and end it in a Hollywood style. I feel that this film is such an impressive feat that people will not mind the last act, because the rest of this film is just original, fun and so jaw-dropping impressive. This film should be so much bigger of a deal this Tuesday.

9 out of 10