Movie Review-Sorority Horror House


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Review-The follow-up to Darin Scott much underrated horror film Dark House is another film that I feel is going to be underrated as well. Originally premiering on the SYFY channel as American Horror House, comes Sorority Horror House. Directed by Scott and written by Anthony C. Ferrante who is responsible for directing Sharknado and many other gems. Sorority starts off with a little girl murdering her parents, not sure why or what comes out of it at first so we fast-forward to a college girl, who is off to her violin practice and she is being harassed by members of a sorority. From this incident we fast forward yet again several months later when a private investigator is looking for her at the sorority house. While this search is put on the backburner in plot because we get to see some new pledges go to pledge a sorority. To get into this sorority they have to steal a mascot bear from the guys’ frat for a Halloween party that night. As this night goes we come to find out that this sorority house has many secrets and that not everyone is as they appear to be. Let me just say this is one of the better made for television films, and if you were not told it was a SYFY film you would never have guessed. The positives to this film were the cheese factor, this film felt like an 80’s horror film and it was just as fun as one. This film gives you no shortages of kills and very decent if not hokey at times looking kills. I liked when they used the practical effects, they really used them so effectively that you get into watching them happening. Now onto the negatives, the CGI parts of this film and some of the kills and also scares were pretty hokey. The acting in the first hour was a huge positive, this film really showed you a great time and made you want to jump on the ride, the acting in the last part of the film got to be a little ho-hum and tiresome. It is like they were running out of gas as the film just slowly went on and on. Morgan Fairchild is one of the stars of this film and she still after all these years and some 32 years after her film The Seduction, still has it. She was the perfect casting in a role that we are used to Linnea Quigley playing. This film really shines for the most part, and is a fun time. The issues that made this film far from being perfect almost seem nitpicking when I think about it, because truth be known I could watch this film again and again with no problem and have a good time. This is one of those films to get your friends over the house, get some corn and drinks and sit back and have fun. The 80’s were that era that I feel can never be duplicated, but films like this really capture the spirit and essence of that period where you almost feel you are still in it.

8 out of 10