Movie Review-Return To Nuke ‘Em High Volume 1


Review- Return to Nuke ‘Em High is Troma mixing their past with present, to make a film that really I feel will give Troma fans something to cheer about. If you thought that Troma was getting soft or mellowing, you are going to be in for a surprise. Nuke ‘Em High has the Troma staples, the over-the-top violence, the nudity, the absurd visuals, and most important the pop culture references. As you start this film you will realize this film has the 1980’s Troma feel with a modern day approach. We return to a school that was condemned because of the radiation. Modern day Nuke ‘Em High is a parent’s nightmare, you have students who have to be scanned for weapons before coming in, and you have food contamination which after Taco Tuesday the school will never be the same again. We learn that a health food company whose president is Lloyd Kaufman uses a nuclear power plant facility for their product. As you can guess the contamination spreads throughout the school in their food. The film follows Lauren who people at school refer to as Rich Girl. She meets Chrissy (who at first they do not get along) who is a blogger whose blog goes against the food company, but there seems to be a chemistry between them eventually. During Taco Tuesday is when things go wrong, at first one of the brightest students becomes contaminated and sends the school into a panic, but things change when the Glee Club becomes infected and turn into a group called The Cretins. Not only do they wreak havoc on Troma, but they burst into song while doing it. Soon, we watch as Chrissy and Lauren are out to try and stop them.

Return is basically that a return, you get the sex and gore that you expect from Troma. You also get almost every character making either a fart noise or some sloshing noise. We also are introduced to Duck Rape and Dick Rape, which both are pretty absurd and have to be seen to be believed. I felt the script was smart, the references were funny, like a member of the school named Father Sandusky, or during a cafeteria shooting a student says that CNN will not cover them anymore because there are too many. This film had the cliffhanger ending that will have everyone stoked and excited about the next volume. This film is classic Troma, if you are a fan of Troma you will love this film, if you never liked their films, chances are this may be the one that may convert you. This film is all about fun and after all this is why we watch a film. This is Troma’s best film since Terror Firmer. Lloyd Kaufman and Troma should be so damn proud, they are still the kings of independent cinema, and this film is proof that they are not ready to give up that crown. This is a must watch, this is also the kick in the fucking balls that cinema has needed. Daring, controversial, and an over the top satirical look at the world through the eyes of someone that redefined what independent cinema is all about.

9 out of 10