Movie Review-Reasonable Doubt


Review-Reasonable Doubt is one of those films that really don’t feel strong enough to be a major motion picture deal, but it is big enough to seem on level to be a direct to home video film? Does that make any sense? What it means is basically it is a film that has some star power but not a film that has much more than that going for it. In this case it is Dominic Cooper and Samuel L. Jackson, and directed by Peter Howitt who most married males remember from that really bad Laws of Attraction film. This film really tries very hard to be a thriller, which it does moderately but offers really nothing unique, cutting edge or different from what we have seen before. This is one of those films that could come on a cable channel at 3am and you would be like a moth to a flame wanting to see it. Samuel plays Clinton Davis who really is not the main focal point of the film. Clinton is a sad soul who was forced to watch his family tortured in front of his own eyes. And now he takes that memory and becomes a serial-killer, who really never has the chance to shine in this film. Samuel’s act is such a wasted opportunity to create a memorable character, in favor of trying to make Cooper’s Mitch Brockden the major deal. Mitch is a District Attorney who seems to have the world at his grasp, while he is celebrating a victory in court. As you can guess he has one to too many to drink and decides to take the gamble and drive home. So, while he is driving he ends up hitting a man with his car. He calls 911 from a payphone and leaves the scene, which we discover that another man has been charged with the hit and run murder. Mitch takes the case and as fate would have it, Davis is the one who took the rap. Well, he lets Davis off to walk free but Davis wants to stalk the Attorney and threatens to kill his wife and kid. This film is one cliché after another, and the ending is pretty paint by numbers made for cable, but what little we do get from the main two characters was enough to hold my interest moderately. This film lacked a solid storytelling aspect that would make the film at least believable, there is just so much in this film that we all know can never happen. This film was also so short of suspense, it seems that when it was trying to build up a scene, it just gave us the payoff so quickly that we hated to even invest time into caring. I felt the final twenty minutes were horrible and felt so out of place. This film tried so hard to keep the pace going, but I felt the dialogue was so bad and the suspense scenes were so underwhelming that this film should have just not been made or had a bigger budget with a solid script. This film was not the worst, but it is far from being anything worth recommending.

5 out of 10