Movie Review-Puncture Wounds


Review-A few months ago I seen Ambushed and was less than impressed with it. Now, the team of actor Dolph Lundgren, Vinnie Jones and Gianna Capaldi have returned with director Giorgio Serafini for Puncture Wounds which I will be honest, is a fairly enjoyable brain dead action film. This film from the get-go has so many caution lights beside the return of the top 4 in each other’s company, but James Coyne co-directed it and wrote this script. If you do not know the name, consider yourself lucky, if you do know the man from Vikingdom you know how bad a red flag that can be. While this paper thin script does suffer at times the same fate as Vikingdom with too much plot, and not enough steak with the sizzle it does make up for it with some really good action sequences that is bound to whet the boners of all action fans. This film seems to borrow a lot from Rambo, with John who was once a POW returns back to life with no job or direction to his life. He suffers from the flashbacks from that hell, which haunt him while he tries to connect back with life. One night fate steps in and he sees Tanya who is also a hooker, being man-handled by three gentlemen. Well, John goes to defend her and he makes the mistake of messing with guys who work for the local gangster Hollis who is played by Dolph. Well, Dolph retaliates what happened to his guys by having his guys kidnap John’s family. They beat up his elderly parents and rape his sister, and then they burn them to death. This is a straight-to-home video film, and to be honest with you this was better than most mainstream release action films. There is no shortage of violence and scenes where you are dying to see how they play out. The issues with this film are too much plot like I discussed early, the plot is just too much for a film that is geared for home video. Some of the fight scenes did feel really low budget and came across as badly done. The acting is what saves this film, while not the greatest it was passable enough to make it entertaining to keep up with. I just wish that they had a bigger budget and maybe a bigger timetable to work with. This film just felt like a rushed deal, and kudos for giving us this much so quickly. This film has enough to mildly recommend, it is a cut above the norm you get with this genre and the budget. I think Dolph with that last film about the Robots and Zombies and now this, really seems to shine better in low budget films than the major ones.

7 out of 10