Movie Review-Patrick


Review-I remember a few years ago watching a film that really caught me by surprise called Red Mist. Red Mist was the story of a guy that was being picked on and he goes into a coma, but once in that coma he seems to have the ability to kill. I remember sitting there when it was over and thinking what film felt like this to me, and then I remembered as a kid watching this television movie called Patrick. Patrick like Red Mist is about the title character being able to hurt people and kill, while being in a coma. The story starts off with Patrick three years earlier killing his mom and her boyfriend by electrocution. Patrick ends up in a coma, and soon after we meet Kathy who is recently divorced and hired to be the nurse to Patrick. Things start to happen, and soon Kathy discovers that maybe Patrick seems to have a power outside of this coma like trying to communicate with the nurse. Patrick is one of those films that are so heavily influenced by Hitchcock; it mixes suspense with shades of so many genres including horror, fantasy and thriller. Considering Richard Franklin only made a small dent with this film, that it was his Psycho II that really made the man his name. I will admit as much as I loved the original Psycho, I really dug II just as much. This film has shades of what was coming from Franklin, with his style and pacing. Franklin really gets the most out of his cast and makes the film believable with a blurry line as to how we should feel about the title character. The transfer is very well done I suppose for a burn copy that the label sent me. I was kinda bummed that they did not send me a blu ray, but this is one of those films that once you watch it, there really is no watchablity to repeat watches. The film does not disappoint the viewer, but like other films in this genre when you watch the bulk one time and see how they play out, you really do not feel the need to watch again. What I am trying to say is that while this is a decent thriller there is nothing that will draw me to watch it again. This film is not going in a history book or a list of best films from this country or era, so this is one of those films that if you see it you will enjoy it, but you probably will not want to rewatch it.

7.5 out of 10