Movie Review-Odd Thomas


Review-Stephen Sommers I hate to admit, I am a fan of his films. Deep Rising, the Mummy Stuff and even Van Helsing, no matter how bad the story or plot is, these are the perfect popcorn spectacles that put you in the escape from reality most of need. Odd Thomas his latest feels like Sommers ditched his summer popcorn mentality for a run at The Frighteners. I felt with the last GI Joe film that Sommers was getting bored with the film industry and has become lazy, Odd Thomas may help that statement a little more. Welcome to a desert town in California named Pico Mundo, in this town we have Odd Thomas who can communicate with dead people. He tries to hide this fact because he already feels like an outcast. Enter Stormy a girl who Thomas seems to be put together with by fate, they bring killers to custody. Thomas sees things that he views as Bodachs who are creatures from hell, they are invisible to us but he can see them. When a character named Fungus Bob Robertson seems to have Bodachs lurking around him, Thomas thinks something is coming for this small town that he has to try and stop. This film has all the usual elements, that the town weirdo sees things coming and no one pays attention and that the film does so much cliche, that I wish it would have had some of Sommers’ fun elements that he gave us in the past. Odd Thomas suffers from a mess of a script and the poor acting of lead actor Anton Yelchin. When the Charlie Barlett was being worked on Anton was going to be the next Leonardo, and it did not happen. That film sat on the shelf for so long that when it came out, no one really cared. This film Anton and Sommers must really love the sound of his voice, because he rambles the narrative of his own story. When Odd gets on these speeches he does, they do seem to get very long winded and you just wish he would shut up and let the story breathe. The special effects of this film felt like made for SYFY, they were just so lackluster and cheaply done. I did like the Bodachs, they looked oddly neat but why the fuck do we really need a computer generating a cucumber? The love he has with Stormy is so bubblegum and bland, they lay it on so thick you know it is being acted badly. This film is such a missed opportunity and I feel that all involved are begging the future people they work with to overlook this on the resume. I will not say this film was bad or so awful but it was such a huge letdown for me. I really had high hopes from the trailer and all the hype that came out of a few fests it played, but clearly the ones who reported this film really have no idea what entertainment is or wants to earn brownie points more than their own credibility. Odd Thomas could be fodder for a lonely night just do not have too many expectations and prepare for the wannabe remake to The Frighteners that we did not ask for.

5 out of 10