Movie Review-No Holds Barred


Review-Hulk Hogan whether you like him or hate him, you have to admit the man really got the break of a lifetime and made the most of it. In 1982, who would have ever guessed that bit part in Rocky III would ever lead to the legacy that came after it? Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan is a marriage made in heaven, one without the other would never have worked. Hulk Hogan and McMahon in the 80’s thought that anything they touched could turn to gold, hence them venturing out into film. The good news, of all the Hulk Hogan as the lead actor films this is clearly the best, the negative to that is look at what this competed against. Hogan’s character of Rip is very close to the Hogan’s character of himself, he is a world heavyweight champion, he is on top and there is really no competition who can best him. Enters the mean television executive named Brell who is rumored to be a play on an executive at the then-TBS. Brell wants Rip on his network and will give him any amount of money to do so. Hogan’s Rip is pretty much not going because he is loyal and refuses to go. (Now if this is real life, he would leave if he had to do the right thing and put over a future talent or job) Well, Brell is not going to lie down and let this guy get the best of him so he hires a girl named Samantha to try and seduce Rip and she falls for him instead. So Brell decides to start his own promotion and hires this guy who’s a beast is named Zeus. As you can guess, Brell shakes Rip’s cage by letting Zeus paralyze Rip’s brother and harms Samantha to get Hogan to fit Zeus. This film I hate to admit could be called a guilty pleasure, this film is just so bad that it is fun to watch how bad it is. Tiny Lister who plays Zeus really does his best to give us hope that he could end Rip-mania. Who would ever have thought that this film instead of being the spring board for Hogan, it was one for Tiny to be in a high profile wrestling feud with Hogan. I fail to think that Vince’s vision was that the film would not be the hit; he had to have seen dollar signs in all the merchandise and arenas Hogan sells out. He did not think that the film would make a moderate ripple and instead try to make money off this fight to be on a PPV. I hated the wrestling matches, just like I hate the fight scenes in this film as well. I feel Hogan on acting is clearly overshadowed even by a horrible Tiny Lister that even his charisma fails to ignite on the screen. Then again the positive to this film is that it is so cheesy and so unwillingly hilarious that this film should be seen at least once by every wrestling fan.

7 out of 10