Movie Review-Necronos-Tower of Doom


” the scary thing the more disgusting this film got, the more at ease I felt with this film and with its material”


Plot-Going into Necronos-Tower of Doom, I knew nothing. The film started off with this written dialogue that tells us what is going on. This film starts off in the Middle Ages, and a wizard is an embodiment of evil and comes in all shapes and forms. He has brought fear and terror to the village, and has a plan to seal its fate. His victims souls are cursed eternally. He has sacrificed both man and woman in sadistic rituals. He is enslaving souls for his army of darkness. A bunch of mindless killing zombies. Eventually his army is weakened, from the locals fighting back and etc..and the wizard is captured, and the king orders the wizard to be killed, chopped and burned. Well, we are now in modern day and the wizard has reappeared with a witch and Goran a blood slave who does the  killing for Necronos so they can build a army to take over the world and get the blood from a virgin that was chosen.


Review-This is indie film gold. Holy hell, does this film deliver big time. In the first three minutes of the film you have enough blood and naked women to fill 10 films. I thought there is no way it can keep up this pace, and boy was I wrong. When they go to modern day, they hit the gas. From 2 guys in the woods with a video camera and a girl tied up in their trunk, to a woman being impaled by a pole that goes from her vagina to her mouth. And I have not even touched the surface. Fisting a witch, ( if you do not know what fisting is, you are on the wrong website) cutting off arms and legs, performing a bizarre version of a C Section. Goran does the majority of all the killings. He is a combination of the Toxic Avenger, Freddy Kruger meets Time Crimes.. And then he creates a Berzerker. This film is probably the best shot indie film I have seen in a very long time. The blood, the gore effects, the killings all delivered. This film is not apologetic for what it is, it is gore for the sake of gore..nudity for the sake of nudity. And believe me, there is no way in this day and age ….this film could play at any movie theater in America..and more than likely will not be in a major retailer unless it cut out 75 percent of what I think made the film fun.


This is not your parents horror film. And, any excuse it could use to get a woman nude on screen it used. Which made the film that much better, cause you knew something was going to happen to each one of them that would be violent, vile and disgusting than the last. And boy did this film deliver it. This film was almost like Lord of the Rings for horror. The scary thing the more disgusting this film got, the more at ease this film got with its material. This film is sick, disturbing and only a person with serious mental issues could love this film. I loved this film a lot, so much so I have watched it back to back.



This film reminded me of the first time I watched a toe tag film about a decade ago, and thought that indie films are growing up. This film shows me they are the better alternative to what mainstream gives us. This film fucking rules…I loved it a lot. This is the second coming of indie film and if you are any kind of horror, gore and extreme fucking shit material and you have not seen this film yet..oh lord are you truly missing out on a film that will kick your ass and make you pay attention.


10 out of 10