Movie Review-Memory of the Dead


Review-Artsploitation Films has been on quite the role in the last few months. They have truly become the alternative to what the mainstream horror genre is pumping out these days. While Hidden in the Woods and Wither are two films that should be in everyone’s collections, the last few films while very good are films that could separate fans. Films that are tailor-made for a certain type of horror fan. Case in point is Memory of the Dead. This film will appeal to a certain crowd but not the mainstream or non horror. This film plays out almost like a love letter to the Haunted House genre. Memory of the Dead seems to pull off a horror film with some comic touches to it. Now before you think Shaun of the Dead, Dead/Alive or even Dead and Breakfast, this film seems to have the humor of maybe early Sam Raimi. The plot of the film follows Alicia who has a nightmare that sees her witness the horrible suicide of her husband. When she awakens from this nightmare she sees to her shock her husband is having a seizure. After this the film goes forward a few weeks and we witness Alicia having a reception to pay respect to Jorge. The people at this reception are questionable characters and feel like they live in their own self centered world and will bicker with anyone and everyone. In that aspect of the film, it sort of has a soap opera feel to it, or maybe a Broadway play sort of feel. We find out quick enough that these people are here for a purpose and that is to try and resurrect Jorge from the grave. The ritual also resurrects the family members of the people involved in this ritual. This film has a supernatural feel to it at times that I thought was really good, it really added an element to the material to make it feel like the director was thinking on how to take the genre and explore it. The comic elements that this film shared felt a little uneven, like they were trying too hard to make something work. I did somewhat enjoy what this film offered, but in the end I sort of felt like I expected more from this film and my expectations given the studios may have been hard to achieve. I know comparisons can be drawn to quite a few films esp. Raimi influenced ones, but I felt that this film started with its own identity and then sort of tried to imitate after it felt that the plot started to really build. This film just by the end felt so all over the map, like it tried to cater to so many subgenres. I just wish it would have focused on one and stuck with it. This film just really needed more direction and more substance. In the end, this is a popcorn film if you are a fan of films like Evil Dead 2 you will dig the humor in this film. All in all, it is worth a rental just to see what this studio is cranking out. They have truly become the new indie leader in this odd and obscure vision they have.

7 out of 10