Movie Review-Machine Head


March 25th

Review-Do you remember in 2011 a film came out called Spring Break Killer? This film came out and before long just disappeared. Well, 3 years later that film has resurfaced with a new name and artwork. Machine Head to be fair is a film that if was a 30 minute short would have fared better than being a full length film. The problem with this film is that it has a good enough start and build, and after the half hour mark just loses its way and gets to be so bogged down with ridiculousness that you just find yourself disappointed. I feel this film should have released a little earlier last year to compete with Spring Breakers on home video. This film is about some college girls who go on a spring break vacation to an isolated house. On their way to this destination, they encounter a muscle car that gives them some issues and the stalker inside of it as well. Being a horror fan, when you tell me a horror film is coming out that has a cover that has potential, I am stoked. When you tell me, after being trashed it got canned and then re-released under a different name that stokeness changes to fear. This film is not all bad; it is just more sizzle then steak. This film is low budget which they seem to use as an excuse as you watch this film unfold. The main characters in this film Rachel, Mila and Chloe are beautiful to look at but really do not offer anything to the viewer beside looks. They are poorly written and how they handle the script and situations at times is pretty amateur or below that. The girls also bring the younger sisters to hang out and have guys coming up as well later that night. As you can guess as the film goes on in its low budget slash and underact, they seem to use the house as a trap more than an advantage. By the end of this film, I found myself so underwhelmed that I started to rethink about my hatred of Bikini Girls On Ice. This film I will give Anchor Bay all the credit, they are trying to get this film out to the people that to me is fine, but I just wish this film would have stayed on the shelf and maybe concentrated any studio on getting The Poughkeepsie Tapes, Subconscious Cruelty or Ken Park finally on home video in the US. This film again was not all bad; the first half hour had so much going for it that you knew the rest of the film would never keep up with that. This film should have really put more thought into finishing and keeping people’s attention to really want to see how it will finish. I hope that fans who do decide to watch this film go into with the lowest if any expectations. If you see this cover and get all apeshit crazy about it, you may not like the trick inside the treat you see.

4 out of 10