Movie Review-Knights of Badassdom


Review-Joe Lynch’s latest film Knights of Badassdom is a very huge letdown. The storytelling and plot seems to drag and feel uninspired but the horror elements of it work barely. The film centers around a struggling musician named Joe who just got dumped by his girlfriend. He is convinced by his friends to come join them in the middle of nowhere playing some sort of live action role playing game. The goal of this game is for all these ancient costumed young adults to battle demons. The film throws us a curve ball as an ancient book that one of them possesses lets free a real demon to kill them all. This film and how much you get into it really depend on how you view a bunch of people playing Dungeons and Dragons in the middle of the woods. The film in the first half hour had the humor of a bad episode of Holliston, and really just seemed to be stuck in reverse. When this succubus creature emerges in the image of Joe’s ex-girlfriend is when the film really tries a little bit more. I thought some of the kills were passable and really gory, and the final battle sequence really started off looking promising then went into sheer ridiculous. The acting in this film is very cheesy and to the point a little boring, you really listen to this script and the humor is so flat and the way they reenact with each other seems very wooden. The plus to the acting is Summer Clau who plays Joe’s new love interest. The bigger issue with this film is why all the fuss? I heard all these rumors about the studio being so scared to release it and it had to be cut, I did not see anything in this film that would have warranted a NC17 or anything above a medium R. The violence and gore in this film you got much worst from Hostel or Saw, there is no nudity and not really a ton of cussing, so for this film to come under any kind of fire I feel is more of a publicity stunt to get talk generated for the film more than the film itself. I feel this film was shelved for so long for the simple fact it is not really a good film, the few gore scenes we do get make it tolerable but to get to those scenes you really have to stick it out with this very bad film. I get it we have all these geek superstars in this film but when you see what they are reduced to in this film it is just such a letdown. I had high hopes for Lynch with his amazing Wrong Turn 2, but I feel that was a fluke because he has yet to do anything that can even come close. While I watched this film I felt I was being pranked and the real film was coming to me in the mail. The special features are a plus, I did like watching the panel at the San Diego Comic Con event talk about this film, you can see Joe Lynch’s passion and how excited he was. It is really too bad that when the filming started that all left and we got just this desperate attempt at moviemaking. This has to be another big letdown for us horror fans, another film that we got sucked into the hype and had the paid advertisers on other sites posing as horror fans telling us we have to see this. I am here to tell you, this film should have stayed on the shelf longer or just been forgotten altogether.

4 out of 10