Movie Review-In Fear


Review- In Fear is the story of Tom and Lucy, just you typical twenty-something adults on their way to a music festival to meet up with their friends. Well on their way Tom informs her that he wants to spend an extra day to have some time alone with her at the Kilairney Hotel. They stop for a second at a local pub and while Lucy leaves Tom alone for a few minutes, Tom gets into a minor argument/altercation with a few locals over a spilled pint. Tom gives an apology and buys a round for everyone. They follow a vehicle to the gate who takes off on them, and now they are stuck in a maze of roads with a sign for the hotel that leads them around and around in a circle. The horror to this film is the soundtrack; this film has one of the best scores in recent horror films. The music really sets the mood and keeps the tension going. A film about a young couple going in circles is a tough sell, and for this film it is a really tough sell. We literally drive around for over an hour of the movie with little to nothing really to keep us engaged, besides some flashes here and there. For me, I had to see what the payoff of this film was, and I wish I had not. The pay off and gathering up the pieces to explain what we just witnessed led to more questions than answers. The actors as it was told to us in the special features had no script basically and they were in on the surprises as we were. The thing is there was not that many surprises and the ones we got, I felt we needed more insight to what the meaning behind them were. This is basically a 2 person act till around the 45 minute mark or so, when we are introduced to a third character who really added nothing to the film and actually came across as bland and overacting. I just feel the claustrophobic setting it tried to set failed, because I mean after all we all have had road trips that we got lost and went in circles. This film needed something to really make it flow; give it a very suspenseful tension. Instead we got the Idiot’s Guide to Driving in Circles. The actors did very well for what they were given to work with, I felt the moments that the film did deliver really gave people something to cheer about, but there was not enough of that. I think beside Joyride and Penny Dreadful, films that are set against a car setting in the last 20 years have tried so hard to go above their means to deliver a story that really is so simple. In Fear is a film that I feel if you are into the Ti West, Eli Roth and Oren horror films you will definitely dig this one. If you are craving true horror from your horror, this film will let you down.

5 out of 10