Movie Review-IBS: Irritable Bowel Syndrome


This one comes out on March 25th….

Review-From Mike O’Mahony the director of Sloppy The Psychotic comes a film about Larry who always seems to need to use the bathroom a lot. Larry it seems cannot make friends or even have a chance to ask the girl out at work because he always seems to have to run to the bathroom. He on a whim from a friend decides to go see a hypnotherapist who tells Larry that he needs to change his mindset and instead of needing to poop to find something to take over instead. Well, when he finds out after a deadly altercation at work with a coworker that when he kills people, he no longer has to poop. I loved Sloppy, but this film is a tough film for me. It takes so long to get going, and when it does it just feels it waited too long. Larry as a person comes across as someone we would avoid at all costs; he has the personality of a pedophile and comes from the school of trying too hard. I thought the sub-plot of his infatuation with the coworker of his dreams just felt so phony and unrealistic. This girl could clearly have any guy she wants, and she chooses a guy who constantly has to take a shit and never says three words to her and comes across as creepy? No offense if he looked like Brad Pitt or had the Tom Cruise cash flow I would see that happening. The humor of this film is all about the noises and grossness of a man taking a shit for the first thirty minutes. Even shitting in an over-clogged female stall, that somehow or another his coworker decides it would be a great idea to take a video or picture of him on it to watch constantly to be cruel to him. When the killing starts, it comes across as it did in Sloppy, very over the top and cheesy. I think of myself as very open minded and very broad in what I view as humor, but I did not see one thing in this film that came across as funny or even amusing. This is not me being too good for any film, hell I laughed at Bad Milo which also dealt with the same topic sort of. This film I just do not see how anyone can sit there and watch someone strain and strain taking a dump and finding that funny, unless you are about to hit puberty or you will laugh at any damn thing. This film is such a letdown to me because I loved Sloppy so much and felt that they were heading to better and bigger things, instead the ground collapsed and they went under and below. The follow-up always sucks when you know you need to up the ante or your talent and you realize during filming that you may not be up to the task. This film tries and gets some credit for that but overall this is such a miss and I am letdown because this was the one I thought would really be a hit.

4 out of 10