Movie Review-Hysteria


Review-Let me start off this review by saying when it comes to specialty films and how they re-release them on blu ray, Cult Epics leads the pack. They really put so much love and attention to these titles that you know quality is not going to be lacking. (It is more like me kissing up for being three weeks late on this review, but it is a true statement) Rene Daalder has had an interesting career that has spanned from 1966 with his short till 2010 with a documentary. This was always rumored to be released, then it felt it was held back but now finally available, I will be honest this film is not going to be for everyone. This film follows Doctor Samuel Fry who is a psychiatrist; an incident happens that he must discharge a patient named Veronica. Doing this he knows that her life is going to be mentally crippling for her having to be dependent on prescription drugs and becoming like a mental zombie of sorts. We get as the film goes on that Samuel seems to have this attraction to her, and because of these feelings she goes into an asylum. Doctor Langston runs this asylum and his methods are not really orthodox. The patients in this palace of sorts are given the right to do what they want with no locks on doors. The patients also get to act out when they feel the need to. We discover that they have the same scar behind their right ears, and when Fry wakes up as well he has the same scar the patients have. We learn that the scars are because that the doctor put chips into himself and all the patients. These chips are what help them have what is called a collective consciousness. This film is bizarre and very dark in its humor. This film clearly wanted to create a movie inside of a movie experience, when we think we know where this film is heading; it completely changes and goes into this territory that really showcases a director that really has no care for trends and what is in. This film has such energy and passion, which showcases a power struggle of what, is truly insane and sane in a film that it seems everyone is mentally off. This film really has so much darkness mixed into the plot that you find yourself wanting to see how it all turns out and what each scene truly means. This is a film that when it ended I found myself floored that I did not know about this film sooner. I wish I would have watched it three weeks earlier because this film is such a welcome breath of fresh air in the crap that I have been subjected to with major fluff films and overdone indie crap, that this film I feel deserves everyone to at least experience it one time. What I feel will divide audiences is the sexuality theme to the film because the chip in these people seems to open the door for lust, and some people may feel that this film really should not have went into that territory, which I felt made this film such a odder experience because it did. At the end of the day, this film should have a label- Todd Solondz selects. Talk about money, Todd Solondz is so fucking odd and his films so brilliant I can see him watching this film with a smile and a boner wanting to go online and brag immediately.

8.5 out of 10