Movie Review-Horror at 37,000 Feet


Coming March 18th

Review-Horror at 37000 Feet was originally released in 1973, and the good people at Paramount have decided to re-release it. The biggest negative to that statement is as you can guess, we got no blu ray love, and the special features are lacking. So, if you are a fan of early 70’s horror this review and film may be for you. The plot revolves a greedy non-caring soul architect and his wife who charter a Boeing 747 jumbo jet to fly a Druid altar to the United States. This is one of those huge planes that you see in films like Airplane and Airport 77 seems that this altar is so heavy that this is the only plane that can handle this load. What happens on this trip turns this flight into a haunted house. In addition to them, there are a few other passengers who purchased tickets for the flight. There are so many questions by this part that I started to have. Why not put this on a boat? A semi-truck? Why so few people going from London to the US? You would think that would be a very popular ticket. Why would the airline allow someone to carry aboard a casket and not check it first? I mean I know this is long before 9/11, but you are telling me that people can go on airplanes with caskets and no one opens it up and empties it to see if there are drugs or weapons? Back to the review, as you can guess removing this from the ancestral location where it was at has upset the local spirits. From there, the plane reaches cruising altitude and just stops but remains in midair. The crew and passengers all think it is a strange wind till the plane starts going back. Look at the star power of this film; you know this is going to be fun. This film I found just a blast and really had some spooky moments that worked for me. The first thirty minutes of the film is just so much cheese and bad dialogue, that you find yourself trying to not smile. Then the rest after that was scary enough that an old school horror fan would really get into the film and forgive it for its shortcomings. This film at times it seems like the people involved on camera are smirking when they are supposed to be serious, which to me added to the fun factor. If they are having a blast on-screen, how could I not have a blast? The negatives are easy; this film does feel dated which is also a positive in parts. This film could be seen as a tribute to Russell Johnson who passed on a while back. This is one of those films that are just scary and the premise silly enough that young kids would have a blast with it as well. If you are a fan of The Night Stalker, Night Stalker, Twilight Zone and just any sitcom or TV show in the late 60’s early 70’s, this film is for you. This film is so long overdue for a re-release but I just wish they would have given us a blu ray as well.

8 out of 10