Movie Review-Here Comes the Devil


Review-Here comes the Devil mixes old school mentality with today’s horror philosophy. Here comes the Devil is an intriguing mystery that opens up with two lesbian women going at it pretty hot and heavy (at least for an R rated film) all of a sudden there is a knock on the door which one of the young ladies goes to answer and next thing you know the other goes downstairs to see a struggle. She goes to defend her girlfriend who is being beaten pretty badly by some guy. After the guy uses a machete to cut off the girl’s fingers the other girl intervenes and attacks the guy and he takes off running. The film gets even more bizarre when the guy decides to get naked and seems to be on the ground very excited in a pool of other fingers. Does that sound odd or a little mental? Do not worry that is just the tip of the iceberg, this story from there introduces us to Felix and Sol. During a family day out while their kids Adolfo and Sara are playing, Sara has her first period. After the mother takes care of the issue, the kids go back to playing and the parents decide to let them be and go in the car in private to get intimate. (They have a conversation even though this is in subtitles; the conversation is very intense and very graphic) When they awaken from their sexual bliss, they discover hours have passed and the kids have not come back. When they cannot find their kids, they get the police involved. The police tell the parents go get some sleep at the local hotel, and if the kids turn up they bring the kids to them. The next day the kids return, and they come back different from how they left. This film is more mystery with horror aspects than a horror film. This film throws so many curve balls at the viewer, that once you start this film you feel committed to see how it can possibly play out and end. The ending while fairly predictable I felt was justified. The film has a little blood thrown in, and one really violent scene that involves someone that they suspect abducted the kids. This film is very heavy on the sexual aspect, and also heavier into the mystery aspect. There are some scenes like when we see Sol in the shower with a bruise on her ribcage that we feel there are deeper meanings to their relationship than we are told. I thought the kids should have been a bigger factor, when they came back after being abducted; they just seemed to be background pieces to Sol trying to find answers. I thought the scene when the babysitter told Sol the story about what happened that night was so creepy, and scenes like that I wish were more abundant in this film. This film really is a must see film, but you have to be very patient with the pace and dialogue. This film is that love it/hate it deal, and I have to be honest I am on the love it deal, but barely. This is not a masterpiece but it is a must see.

8.5 out of 10