Movie Review-HazMat


Review-Hazmet is a film that tries to cash in on the latest trend while paying homage to the old school. This film is built around the premise of a cruel reality television show called Scare Antics. The show revolves trying to scare someone by any means just to capture and entertain an audience. We find out that David who is the host and producer of the show is going thru some hard times with the ratings going up and down. As a result they are the results of a station that is cutting costs and having to up the ante and do more dangerous scares. So they go to an abandoned and haunted old chemical plant to pull a scare on a guy named Jacob whose father died there a while back. So, the prank is to have one of the people hanging out with him in this plant pretend to be a ghost of someone who died there trying to get revenge. Well, the prank backfires when Jacob gets an axe and goes on a killing spree of his own. The whole while this unfolds there is the producer, and his helpers inside the plant with them who watch all this unfold and have to try and stop him. This film plays out like your standard slasher film in the realm of My Bloody Valentine because Jacob is running around in some kind of biohazard suit. The issues I had with the film were the first half hour, the pacing was slow and really so story-oriented that I felt we would never get to the horror element. I felt that the cast and crew of Scare Antics were so unlikable and fake that you really cheered more for Jacob who came across as the hero, someone who stood up to being humiliated on television or just in general. The second part of the film from the 30 minute mark to the ending was really fun and while it did not reinvent the wheel, it made the ride very comfortable. The kills in this film were what you see in all these films, nothing special or over the top. The element that they are trapped inside this room and have no means of survival really made this film tense; you know they had to get out just to be surviving. I like the smart ending to the film, you know films like this cannot just end; they have to give you some kind of present for sticking with it. This film for its uneven pacing and slow first half hour really was a fun little film that in the end I was having a blast. I know people will bitch about the slasher genre saying that most films feel the same, and play out just alike. But, my theory is this if it is not broke, why fix it. Films like this are cheap little scares that really put a smile on most horror fans faces at the end. This film was a blast.

7.5 out of 10