Movie Review-Flu


Review-South Korea gets inspired by Contagion and World War Z and this is what we get. Welcome to Hong Kong where the film opens with a container of illegal immigrants heading to Bundang which is opened. When it is discovered that everyone is dead inside except one person who has some form of avian flu and he exposes one of the people who opens the container to this. From this one person carrying it turns Hong Kong into a place in total chaos and a crisis that this epidemic is spreading and people are getting sick and becoming infected. We learn that this city has a half of a million people and the government intervenes and closes down the city. The epidemic takes a backseat to the story of a single doctor who is also a single mom who is scrambling to find a cure when it is discovered her daughter has the disease. A rescue worker soon becomes involved when he falls for the girl earlier in the film, and now finds himself trying to help the daughter survive and help the city overcome this crisis. This film I am torn on, I liked the majority of the story and the action onscreen. This film in the first half hour just bored me, I know it is the setup to the story, but I just found myself really wanting this film to get going. Now, when the film does get going it did feel like every other epidemic film we have seen. There is nothing in this film that I found interesting. The little girl screaming to the rescue guy or her mom did get a little absurd. I feel they kept that girl in the film for the reason to make us feel sorry and a pity that makes us hope she gets better. I feel films like this use kids as a way to draw pity, and makes us feel a stronger feeling for the situation. No one wants to see some innocent child get hurt, I feel it is a cheat when you know that your plot is paper thin and you seem more inspired by then creating. I will admit I did like the bulk of this film but then again I did like World War Z somewhat and Contagion was good as well to me, and this film owes so much to both of those films. The thing that really caught my attention was how much attention to detail this film has, the finale and what leads to it at the 90 minute mark was so well shot and really painted this city in such dire shape that I loved that they really had the faith in their actors and script to let them try to evoke emotion more than try to overwrite the scenes and do it blatantly. All in all, this film should have been trimmed down at 2 hours plus it is quite a lot to ask people to have the patience for. I feel this film could have told the same story and even better at 95 minutes. I will give this a mild C, I would never watch it again but I am glad I did watch it the first and only time.

7 out of 10