Movie Review-Evil in the Time of Heroes


Review-Evil in the Time of Heroes is the prequel to the Greek zombie film that I really had no interest in called Evil. Like the first film, this one is another fail. This is another example of the zombie horror comedy failing. Billy Zane has top billing and rightfully so, because like his career this film is also so fucked. I have seen so many comedies in recent years that have this type of comedy that comes across as trying too hard and forcing it to be funny when it clearly is not, and this film comes right from both of the those schools with high honors. This is the zombie apocalypse and we have our humans who are fighting for their existence, and it seems that the infection is only happening in Athens. The film suffers from so many negatives from lack of conviction in the actors to no character building or development to just lack of a script. This is a comedy that has no sense of humor; it just feels like an overwritten parody of a serious film. Billy Zane in this film seems to go back and forth from the past to present with no rhyme, reason or explanation. I wish he would have gone into the past when they were writing this script and said “no thanks, I have enough imdb credits this week”. The film has some flashes of good and that being the blood work in the film. I loved the zombie attacks in this film that being said though I did not like the zombies. The makeup work looked like a reject from that crap show Face/Off, and you can tell this film was really made on the cheap. If Billy Zane is your star, you know that this film is really on the cheap to non-existent budget. I would say even the most diehard of zombie fans will hate this film and want to turn it off almost immediately. This film offers no form of entertainment other than if you have trouble sleeping at night. This film gives the viewer so much to hate, that when you get a piece of something to like, you just have no interest and want to shut it off still.

2 out of 10