Movie Review-Enemies Closer


Review-Van Damme stars in Enemies Closer, which is the story of a group of drug smugglers led by him to retrieve some heroin from an ocean. In the opening minutes we watch as a plane carrying the drugs crashes at sea. We go to an island where the local park ranger rules that place with an iron fist sort of. We watch in the first ten minutes as he makes this young couple dump their booze because this is a dry island. Come to find out this ranger has a history and was once a Special Forces diver. Van Damme and his crew dressed up as Canadian Mounties come to the Island to go get the drugs. Well, this may sound complicated right now, but it gets even more complicated. Clay comes to the Island looking for our ranger Henry because he was the reason his brother died and he wants revenge. In addition to all this Henry meets a girl that he helps out and asks him out on a date. As you can guess, Van Damme and his band of merry drug nasties want to get Henry to help them find the drugs in the ocean, and now a ruthless game of cat and mouse happens. Van Damme in this film is so campy, hammy and over the top. From his hair that looks so absurd you cannot help but smirk. Van Damme does not do his trademark action spots instead goes for more a comic approach. This film to me was bland and just felt like every other film just like it. This film had an uneven pace, had a very badly written script and most of all just felt like Scott thought he was Stallone. This is a film that you would expect from Arnold and Stallone at this point in their career, and both have the charisma to carry it. As this film play out, you can see where the film is heading as it is so predictable that you almost can close your eyes and follow the film just on memory of other films. If they were trying for comedy, I wish they would have thought more about what is funny. If they were trying for action, they just took so long to get those wheels rolling that it is hard to overcome the bad dialogue and situations this film’s characters put you in. Van Damme as of late has been on a small little roll, I just thought he would never want to put his name on films like since JCVD and Expendables 2 sort of got people saying his name again. This film is not all together Van Damme’s worst film, Street Fighter was. This film for a fan of his, they may tolerate it just to see what he has been up to. For a non-fan of his, I would say pass this at all costs.

4.5 out of 10