Movie Review-End of the World


Review-SYFY Channel gives us yet another film about the end of the world. This is directed by the SYFY film go-to guy Steven R Monroe who I am starting to feel made a fluke with the remake of I Spit on your Grave. Because everything he did before it and after it is not brag-worthy. So the world as we know it is being bombarded by chunks of some kind of space garbage or debris. We are left to two video store nerds to save our planet. Which they have this plan, first break out this sci-fi writer out of a mental home and to work on a nuclear weapon with a power drill. This film felt like the next chapter of Monroe’s 12 Disaster film, you know the one it is the end of the world at Christmas. Brad Dourif in this film is the one and only thing I can recommend about it. This film is clichéd, rehashed script and material, this film felt like the worst bits of all the other SYFY films. Monroe seems to have found his niche with these so bad films that he feels people will watch them to see how bad they are. I will be honest; there is a ton far worse than this film but this film was bad, from the cheap effects, to the laughable acting to the piss poor script. The first half hour of this film sets up the premise which the next part of the film expects us to follow. To be honest with Monroe and his style of trying to make something out of nothing, he should have put far more thought into the characters, at least try to make this believable and them likable. He should have put far more thought into what he was presenting, instead of trying to mimic so many other films just trying to be honest to him. I understand the network gives you a budget and a timeframe, and you work basically non-stop. I felt that he needed to put more thought before signing on that way you at least know what you want to accomplish and set out to do. Instead of this mess of a film that is neither funny nor entertaining. The only end of the world scenario I would like to see is Monroe on these bad SYFY films and getting back to I Spit on your Grave ground. Even though that damn sequel was so awful.

3 out of 10