Movie Review-Dead Kids and Thirst


Review-Finally Severin releases the long overdue 80’s gem Dead Kids aka Strange Behavior. This was the first film of Michael Laughlin who also did a follow up film that is just as campy fun as this is called Strange Invaders. The quality of this blu ray, I will be honest I love the transfers of Severin they really take their time and give you the best little package for the dollars. The plot for Dead Kids is about a medical experiment that turns local teen into murderers. This experiment takes place in a town that was peaceful and crime-free. As one can assume that when this rash of killing starts it catches everyone including the police by shock. As the film plays out it is revealed the real reason these experiments are taking place are about revenge against a police Chief. This film is pretty straight-forward and offers very little to creativity, but it is so campy and fun that you will be glad they did not try at that time to change the genre. This film all the performances were very well done, and Fiona Lewis who played the maid in one of my favorite camp films The Fearless Vampire Killers plays our villain Gwen Parkinson whose just diabolical but yet likable enough that you root for her. The film had a great score by Tangerine Dream, who if you are a fan of 80’s films you know that name from classics like Risky Business and Near Dark among many other scores. I had the privilege in the late 80’s to see this dvd and was told that this was the cropped version and was shorter than originally planned. This is the complete vision and this full length version helped me understand the plot a little better and also helped with the impact the film had. This film is effective and did not feel dated beside the music, which I loved it and made the film feel more modern, because everyone is trying to recapture this era more and more than people who filmed in that era. If you need proof that the 80’s presented in my mind some of the best horror we ever had, and the most effective thrillers, this film could be your proof. My only negative is that no one has thought about releasing other 80’s classics on blu ray. I would love Trick Or Treat, Scarecrows, Tuff Turf, Madman and so much more. I feel with blu ray being the true alternative now to dvd for the better picture, sound and quality that people are craving definitive versions of so many films. Thank god for companies like Severin that are putting them out one at a time.

8.5 out of 10


Review-Horror is one of those genres that the ideas seem to be so thin, that people have to over saturated the market with the same concepts. How many zombie films and television shows do we truly need? I can go on and on about sub genres that really have played themselves out, vampire stories come to mind because I just watched Thirst. Originally released in 1979, and now remastered for blu ray release this week from Severin. What sets Thirst apart from the millions other vampire films I have ever seen is that this film takes a twist to it and sort of lets the horror take a back seat to some kind of science fiction/suspense story. You get the blood flowing you expect from a vampire story, but you do not get it done in an extreme manner or violent, it is just a subtle calm of sorts. The film revolves around Kate who is told by some people who abducted her that she is the descendent of a Vampire Countess which she is viewed as some kind of royalty to the people who got her. She is taken to this place they call “The Farm” where she becomes like a blood supply cow, where they milk her like a cow to feed on. As you can guess she wants no part of this, but they drug her and program her with some hallucinations till she caves in. This film may be a bit too slow for the casual viewer who wants the same old from a vampire story, but for a fan who wants difference this film was really effective. The setting and backdrop of the farm is really effective and we are really dying to see what twists and turns this story takes. The writing and characters were very well done and when this film was not suspenseful it had a fun cheese feel of it. Of course I would have loved to see the story aspect take a back seat to violence and gore, but I got so consumed by the story that only in the end at the credits did I think that. This is another gem that should be seen immediately. Severin really put a ton of care and love into this film.

7.5 out of 10