Movie Review-Dangerous Obsession


Review-Troma has this obsession (excuse the pun) it releases a very good film, and then drops some trash along with it. Necronos-Tower of Doom should be bought ASAP; this film should never have been re-released. Dangerous Obsession came out in the late 80’s and chances are you probably seen it before but do not recall the cover art or name. This film has been the victim of bad marketing time after time, with the bad title of Mortal Sins in its debut. This is what direct to video films were all about when I was in my teens, it is cheaply shot on location this one being in NY, and tries really hard to be serious and funny and not succeeding at either. This film is about an unmarried Jewish man unable to commit to his woman. There is a murder mystery thrown into this about televangelists competing against each other. The biggest negative to this film is it seems that all involved did not want to be involved. The characters came across as bland, boring and not even trying. This film seemed more like a bad demo reel than a film. This script just feels like it was written by someone with downs syndrome trying to win a special award. This film just never gets your attention, or keeps you wanting to keep going with it. There are bits and pieces that I like, the cinematography was decent and showed that there is some spark of talent behind the scenes on this film. The film itself is basically a film that is too dumb for its own right. This film did not even have a camp fun to it that it could be so bad you have to watch it just to see. This film is so bad; you want to warn anyone and everyone to run from it. This can go in the top ten of the worst films Troma has ever released. It is worse than Rabid and Mr. Bricks combined. And it comes off the heels of Troma releasing a film that I would put in the top ten of films they released, Necronos. This is truly a crime and all involved should be ashamed of this film. This makes me hate being a movie fan and also hate being a blogger. A film this bad makes what I do a very hard job to do, to sit thru this film from start to finish is manual labor.

0 out of 10