Movie Review-Daddy’s Little Girl


Coming from Breaking Glass Pictures on May 13th

Review-Chris Sun directed the 2011 film Come and Get me, and he follows it up with Daddy’s Little Girl. Like Come and Get Me, this is a good story on paper. You have the film opening with a couple and the young lady gives birth to a daughter. The film from there fast forwards 6 years and the family is no longer a couple, and both parents share custody of this little girl. The opening 20 or so minutes, deals with the bond they try to build between father and daughter. This bond is really lacking if you think about it, the actors committed to the roles really do not come across as believable or compelling. The storytelling is so choppy that you get lost as to why they keep going with the telling. Around the 20 or so mark, we watch things change when Derek who is the dad has a struggling company and part of the solution they think is to let his brother go. Around this time it is discovered that at the mom’s house Georgia who is the 6 year old has a window that people could easily go in and out of that needs to be fixed. Well, around the 35 minute mark is when someone goes inside this window and abducts her and kills her. Well, as fate will have it Derek will find out who did this to his daughter around 6 months later and exact his revenge on this person. This film is a mess just like Come and Get me, this film has no sense of direction or pace. The storytelling in this film is so dreadfully slow that when it does get going it just seems that it is more for desperately trying to be compelling more than entertaining. This film goes into torture porn in the second half when Derek has the abductor. My issue is this, I love my gross torture porn films but this film just felt so silly and unsatisfying that when it ventured out into this territory it just felt even worst. I felt that the main characters had such a hard task as to build a story that people can buy into when it does go down, I mean let’s face it this is a family’s number one fear of having their kid abducted and found dead, so you do not have to do much with this being a fear. This film though it just felt like it tried too hard to build the suspense and terror that it came across feeling forced and fake. The torture porn element (this will shock everyone who knows me) I hated and really felt more bored with than grossed out or entertained. “I am going to put this tube in your ass and put barbed wire into it so I can rip you from the inside out”. It just seems that they were trying so hard to be shocking, that I just thought why tell us about it, just throw it on us. At the end of the film I felt compelled to really give up liking torture films because this film shows me how silly they have become. This has to be one of the worst films of the year, just for the reason that Chris Sun has no aspect or grasp on storytelling. His films feel as compelling as trying to get emotional meaning from a Penthouse letter. So many unnecessary scenes and too much boring slow paced storytelling that goes absolutely nowhere, this film when it has the reveal it makes absolutely no sense how he could have found out so easily when the rest of us almost knew in the opening ten minutes who could do this to his daughter. But, since he was so blind to it how could he have just stumbled out of the blue on a notebook that tells him. And who would not hide stuff if they knew someone was coming to hang out with them that they wronged? Chris Sun, directing and film making may not be for you kid. You should get your resume written and please do not use crayons and see what McDonald’s has for you.

0 out of 10