Movie Review-Commitment and The Wrath of Varja


Review-Well Go USA is a label that I really think is on the cusp of what overseas fans are clamoring for, and what the die-hard oversea movie fans in America are also clamoring for. In their latest film Commitment we watch Myuug-hoon who is the son of a spy from North Korea that has been killed on the job. Him and his young sister are prisoners in a camp in North Korea and the only way they will be free is if he becomes a spy himself. He is sent to a South Korean school as a student with his training. As the story gets going, Hoon friends a girl in his class who is picked on by a bullying group of students. Commitment is a spy film almost in the vein of anything Liam Neeson has put out in the last decade. We learn that his country is after him and wants him dead. He is now on a mission to save his sister and his friend. The setting of this film is When North Korea are struggling with South Korea, and that our main character can be seen as a spy by some, or an assassin by others. We learn that the mission they want him to complete comes with a cost, if he can successful achieve it he is reunited with his sister. This film is really good, I had a blast with the actors and what they delivered to the roles. This just feels like a film that is inspired by American cinema, but wanted to throw their flair into it as well to distinguish it. The film has plenty of twists and turns like the South Korean agent who is hired to hunt him down. The action sequences are really well shot and delivered not in a overdone way, but a way that gives the story a chance to breathe and keep building on the characters and storytelling. I thought the only issue with this film was that the setting and background for the story may not be familiar with American audiences and they will feel alienated by the story at first. The action sequences though, make up for what they will feel left out on. I feel the unknown cast may hurt this film as well, and even the director who most American audiences including me are not terribly familiar with. This film was really a blast and I feel if people are willing to give it a fair shot, they will come away enjoying it as well.

8 out of 10


Review-The Wrath of Varja is that film that I feel I have seen so many times in the last five years that I am so numb to it now. That is not to say the film is bad, but it is just so done to death for me that unless it offers something really groundbreaking, I am just really fighting to keep my interest. What this film has going for it, some very well shot action sequences and the story is very well told for the most part. This film is about a Japanese death troop called The Temple of Hades that existed before World War II. This is another story about China before the World War II era. This troop abducts their enemies’ kids and trains them to be killers for the Emperor. We watch young Varja go from gifted child to be the greatest assassin. Varja escapes to China and begins his quest to protect the meek and seek out those who made him the bad ass he is. This film seems to center around a shrine, where the film sticks to basically. The different locations we go to were decent, and leads to a fear of what could be behind each door we encounter in this film. The martial arts in this film are over the top and very well shot. The story for the most part was easy enough to follow but towards the middle got heavy-handed and towards the end just felt like yet another one of those kinds of films. I have to say that this film is way better than the latest 300 film and for that reason I wish this film would get some sales and rentals. This film does provide a decent enough time that people will be entertained. It is a good hero film that in the end, you will feel good and look down at your empty popcorn bowl and think you had a blast.

7 out of 10