Movie Review-Buck Wild


Review-Buck Wild has a hard task before it; you have yet another zombie film that tries to give us comedy with hints of horror. The bad part to this is that if it would have tried to be funny less and gave us more of a serious tone, this film could have been so much better. This film has some serious pacing issues, and when you add the bad script and acting to the mix, this film is a hard watch. This film preaches to us that it is original and trying to be that standout film but it just gets lost in trying too hard to be everything to everyone. In my eyes, for a horror/comedy to work you really must serve two masters and you have to really think outside the box on both the script and delivery. This film wants to be a comedy but really does not deliver anything fresh to that genre and some of the jokes are just so flat that you had to guess a bunch of guys getting together and being so tickled that they had to go into this realm for more stuff. This film wants to be a horror film but it does not have the balance to really work it out. I feel that since we got Walking Dead and people call Shaun of the Dead such a cult hit, that films like this were likely to come out of the underground quickly and by the packs. Quantity does not always mean quality, if you have 50 films playing follow the leader, chances are that each film is missing what the next film has and vice versa. The plot of this film is about 3 friends and one of their cousins who go on a weekend hunting trip. The person who manages the hunting grounds was bitten by something he was not quite sure what it was and he assumes a Chupacabra. Well, soon enough from him being infected, to him infecting others and they are after the four guys. This film is just such a flat miss; it tries to be funny at times when the material is not fresh enough or strong enough to give a reaction like that. This film has some good horror and gore moments, and those were recommended for people who can ignore the acting and bad jokes. As this film played out, I found myself wondering how much longer till this film can end. This film as a horror film could get people to look at it, as a comedy well I seen funerals of loved ones that had more humor and excitement then what this script and film delivered. I would say this is a skip, but I did like some elements of the film that I really wish I could overlook the bulk of it.

3 out of 10