Movie Review-Big Bad Wolf and The Flesh and Blood Show


Review-I watched this film to be honest three weeks ago. I felt maybe my dislike or hate of this film could have been based that I was not in a good mood for it, so I lay off the review and thought that a negative review based on my attitude will hurt this film. So, last night I was in a good mood and thought let’s watch it again and see if I get a different felt he second time and will base my review off of that. About a half hour into this film, I found out that the film did not get better and will do my review now. This film has the premise of a fairy tale, Three Little Pigs to be exact. The Big Bad Wolf character comes to us in the character Huff. Huff is the personification of evil; he sells drugs and has a mistress. He has decided that before leaving America he wants one big score. So, the drug money he has acquired goes into the hands of his girlfriend/wife who then gives it to her 3 daughters to have a better life with. Well, Huff finds them all and we go into fairy tale land. This film has potential and does deliver some really good blood but I just could not get into the acting and characters. I admit the mistress Laci I did enjoy what she brought to the film; she is the right mix of beauty and sex appeal that she could be seen as a reason to keep men involved in this flimsy and uneven story. By the end of the film you will find a film that satisfies to an extent but underperforms all in all. This film can be seen as a trial of errors, I felt that the pace of the film was far too slow to keep an interest that the characters feel wooden and at times looked overwhelmed trying to get thru the material. Like I said, this film has a few things to keep your attention but not enough to recommend you to watch this or buy it. This film needed a more violent and creepy atmosphere and characters that were up for the challenge to deliver on the setting and story. On the positive this is a thousand times better than most SYFY films and made for television horror films. This was not that paper, but it was not anything near what it could have been. Though, if you are comparing this to the other fairy tale flop Little Red Riding Hood with Seyfried, this looks like the original Psycho.

4 out of 10


Review-This slasher is about a theatrical group that is hired by some anonymous person and sent to this theater to rehearse. While there someone is killing them off one by one. Pete Walker is very inspired in this film by Agatha Christie and mixes it with a little visceral horror to make a slow moving but at times very effective little film. This film really seems to revel in sexploitation and gives you some softcore goodies that most perverts like me will smile, but delivers some decent horror that also will keep the smile on our faces. While I enjoyed Frightmare a lot more, this film was not as bad as it could have been. I enjoyed the actresses and thought for this era Jenny Hanley and Judy Matheson among a few others really captured the essence of what this film needed. The first half of the film is dominated by soft core exploitation and the second half is basically the elements that made Frightmare so fun, the gruesome violence and cheesy acting. The negatives is that this film is so slow at times, and the sexploitation seems to take over for storytelling, and that I felt was a mistake as the film started to go forward. I mean nothing wrong with women but you want something else to keep your interest beside cheap stabs at sexuality. This film seemed to drown in the Hammer waters and tried so hard to mimic that genre of film making. As a whole this film was harmless and was good for a one time watch. I love the transfer and I know a lot of people got the Shriek Show Pete Walker collection which I will be honest; this transfer is so much more clear and crisp than the one they gave us a few years ago.

7 out of 10