Movie Review-Best Friends Forever


Review-Horizon Films a few months ago gave us a film called Dead Weight. Dead Weight was a film that critics like me experienced a few years earlier and were all over the social media hyping it up. I felt what kind of film could they follow that up with, and Best Friends Forever the debut film by Brea Grant seems to be that film. This film offers nothing new to film making or any genre, but really is such a love letter to the spirit of a debut film by someone you just know you will be hearing more from in the upcoming years. This film is a B-movie, from the script, to the acting and even the situations they go thru. This film covers a lot of bases and touches on every aspect and genre of film. Director Grant plays Harriet who is a comic book artist, we find out she is moving to Austin for School. Reba is her best friend played by co-producer and co-writer Vera Miao. We learn that leaving Reba behind is going to suck, so they plan for one last trip. During this adventure the end of the world begins to happen before their eyes, but they are oblivious to that and instead focused on the end of their days happening as they will be separated soon. This film feels like if Patti Rocks was mixed with Thelma and Louise, it is such a charming little film that is really unlike any film out there right now. This film is not afraid of its message and how dark or sentimental it will get. This film has dashes of dark humor that I felt were such a welcome relief to the characters. There is a situation that happens when they get car jacked by three idiots with a Taser. The beauty of the scene plays out with the backdrop of the future happening with the depression of the long highway ahead of them. How much you like the film all depends on how much you can relate to the two female leads in the film, for me to watch this film really brings back and ignites also a passion for film. One I felt when I went to see Pulp Fiction at an art house a year before anyone said a word about it and knew I was witnessing film being changed. While this film is not that drastic or ready to fill the shoes of, it is that small film that you watch and afterwards feel compelled to think about and tell others about. This film started out slow and within the first twenty minutes won me over and by the end I really wanted to re-watch it again. This is best viewed at night with all the lights off and someone beside you who you like and want to spend more time with, but have not told them yet. They will get the message by the end of the film. What a small little B-movie treasure, this could be seen as the 2014 answer to Wristcutters-A Love Story.

8 out of 10