Movie Review-Beneath


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Review-Larry Fessenden is one of those directors that are the victim of a hype that he personally knows he cannot deliver on. When Wendigo came out a lot of horror fans were whetting their lips like they were witnessing something really special. The truth is that Wendigo is one of those new breed of horror films you know the ones that divide audiences into two groups. The first group wanting a horror film to deliver horror, and the second group that think if a film hints at horror but feels like a smarter film than they are then it has to be good. I personally was not the biggest fan of Wendigo, nor was I a fan of The Last Winter the follow up. Like the two listed movies below, we have yet another Larry Fessenden disaster of a film called Beneath. This film is so cheaply made and the monster with that horrible CGI, that I thought this film was going to try and border more on parody then serious. The film centers around a group of friends who decided to go on a boat and go into the middle of this lake to go to a remote place to party. Well, halfway thru this journey they discover that there is this large full of razor teeth fish that will not let them go any further in this trip. This film has the most unlikable characters that if anything happened to them you would cheer more than care. This film also has some camcorder parts in it as well, as one of the kids is a wannabe film director making everything in life into a film. They discover that there is a kid who is wearing a necklace that seems to be some good luck charm who may have known that this demon fish existed. As the boat does not seem to be moving, because our fish has killed all the oars and started ramming into the boat to try and sink it, the crew decides that if they sacrifice one of them to maybe distract the fish that the others can put their hands into the water and rows them to safety. They never thought that if maybe the fish was distracted that maybe trying to swim for it would be easier and more effective. The film has what it thinks are smart twists but in reality they are very bad plot holes that make zero to no sense. This film suffers so much from a lack of a competent script, at least believable actors and a monster that would have us wanting to invest time into watching. This makes the SYFY Crocodile and Shark movies look like Jaws. This film has a very weak payoff for people who really invest their time and sit thru it. I wish more would have been talked about in regards to this fish, we knew zero to nothing. I would have loved to know how did this fish get into that lake, and what was the meaning of the good luck charm, this film just suffers from so many things that to name one positive about this film is really hard. I feel this film was a bad excuse just to have an imdb credit; this is a bad joke on the horror fan and a bad joke on anyone who is in love with any film that centers on something underwater. Considering I have a huge fear of the water and I love horror films that centers on this fear of mine, this film is such a miss. When you cannot scare someone or at least make them care and the film centers on their fear that tells you all you need to know.

2 out of 10