Movie Review-42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection: Vol 1 and Ozploitation Trailer Explosion



Review-Since I was a child I was always obsessed with film trailers. I was that person who sat in the seat at the edge with the goose-bumps and excitement at what is coming, if you got nothing from the film you sat thru at least you were anticipating what was coming. Every trailer disc or blu ray that comes out like a mad nerd I have to have them all. I could sit and watch trailers for hours and be entertained beyond belief. A story one of my strongest friendships came from a certain friend of mine who is involved with the 42nd Street crew. I always beg him for more and more titles and he never sends them, but he is still my best friend anyway. So, we will start this conversation off with his 42nd Street Forever crew latest. The Peep Show Collection Vol. 1 is basically a trip down nostalgia with some hardcore 8mm trailers that were underground and also played peep booths at one time in porn history. If people are not familiar with New Orleans in the late 80’s or early 90’s if you go down Peters Street which is in the French Quarter they had a few shops that played 8mm films like this in a quarter peep booth. If you are into underground old school porn that really has a few flashes of what is upcoming in adult entertainment, you will dig this collection. The trailers are remastered the best they could be, they have that gritty, grainy feel that makes you feel more of a dirty pervert for getting into them. I was more of a fan of the last adult trailers dvd the XXX-Treme, this one for the 15 trailers they gave me I enjoyed maybe 6 or 7 of them. The issues I had was just that the quality of some of the trailers was pretty poor, but this is not on them, I supposed to restore some of this stuff had to be near to impossible and they gave it their best. I hate to dislike anything the 42nd crew gives me, but this was not their best hour. All in all, if you are into porn you may dig it. I am not a huge porn person so this was like watching a film with a ton of fondling, sucking and fucking and no plot for me. Though, I have heard rumors that a “ pop rocks blow job” is awesome. What that has to do with this I have no idea, but I just heard it while I typed this. I read a book a few years ago (I know right) and it was about Australia and their films. So today, I am blessed with another trailer collection this time about those Aussies. I will be honest the less I tell you about this compilation the better. I had a blast with this dvd and it had so many awesome trailers. Ozploitation is the ultimate welcome present to any old school film fan that needs to waste a couple of hours in heaven. The trailer for one of my guilty pleasures Dead End Drive In is always a good time. This also has some upcoming blu rays you can buy currently like Dead Kids, Patrick and Thirst. This compilation is a must own for any movie fan.

42nd Street Forever-The Peep Show Collection
6 out of 10

Ozploitation Trailer Explosion
10 out of 10