Metal Review: Landskap: I (2014)

Landskap ILondon, England’s Landskap is a band that has only been around for two years, but the members themselves are veterans to the genre hailing from bands such as Fen, Pantheist, Centurions Ghost and more. The band plays a style of doom metal/psychedelic rock that works very well on their debut effort, “I.” The album only contains two tracks, but between these tracks, Side A and Side B, the album runs 33 minutes.

“I’s” sound can be haunting at times mainly due to the inclusion of Kostas Panagiotou’s hypnotic organ and keyboard work. The ambient breakdowns offered in each track provide a break from the malicious anger on display during the other portions of each track. The interlude on Side B is mesmorizing in both its length and tone and is Panagiotou’s best work between both tracks.

Of course, the entire band is on display on this release and the slow, melodic play is heart-pounding and evil in setting the mood of the album. The guitar duo of George Pan and Frederic Caure, who also handles bass duties plays off so well between the breaks and hooks.

As evidenced by this brief introduction to the band, they are surely skilled musicians with a lot to offer. I would like to get a larger sample size before passing too much judgement on them though because you can only get so much out of a band from only two songs, even if they are both lengthy. Side B is a very lengthy, often repetitive track that gets old after a few listens. I am excited to see what else the band will hit us with though.

I Tracklisting:
Side A, 1. A Nameless Fool
Side A, 2. My Cabin in the Woods
Side B, 3. Fallen So Far
Side B, 4. To Harvest the Storm

Landskap Line-up:
Jake Harding: vocals
George Pan: lead guitars
Frederic Caure: bass and rhythm guitars
Kostas Panagiotou: organ and keyboards
Paul Westwood: drums