Metal Review: False Prophet: The Second Death (2014)

False Prophet The Second Death

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Classic U.S. thrash metal band False Prophet got its start in Greensboro, North Carolina and released the classic “The Second Death” back in 1991. It actually became their only release before a name change to Infernal Hierarchy and an eventual breakup. Finally, that release is getting some much needed love with Heaven and Hell giving it the re-issue treatment. Also included as part of the re-issue is the band’s 1989 “Sign of the Cross” demo and their “Murder of Mercy Live” 1990 release.

False Prophet probably never got a fair shake based on their geographic location primarily. Today, a band of this caliber would get a much better chance at success. With that being said, False Prophet did have their fans, myself being one of them. Perhaps, the band came out when death metal was becoming more refined as well, but False Prophet had a lot of good ideas in their songs.

The Second Death” was a promising album with just the right mix of classic thrash metal riffs with a little European flair thrown in. Their sound is akin to Kreator’s sound back then. The brutal old-school thrash metal riffs and vocals still sound so good even with the raw sound that the band had.

“The Second Death” opens with Diabolic Rites setting up a ritualistic and demonic tone that stays during the album’s run. The title track, The Second Death, comes at you with its 12+ minute length without ever feeling overly drawn out. There is so much happening in this song that you never want it to end. The clash of brutal old school thrash riffs just continues with Holy Deception with its classic thrash opening mixing clean and distorted guitars.

Overall, “The Second Death” is an album that every death metal fan needs to own and this is your chance now. Even though the album tails off towards the end with its poor prouduction, the original album more than makes up for that shortcoming.

The Second Death Tracklisting:
01. Diabolic Rites (Intro)
02. Second Death
03. Holy Deception
04. In Satan’s Name
05. Forgotten Souls
06. Bring Back a Memory
07. Red Dawn
08. Sign of the Cross
09. Devil’s Meat
10. False Prophecy
11. First Born
12. False Prophecy
13. Murder or Mercy
14. Knights of Salem