Metal Review: Enthrallment: The Voice of Human Perversity (2014)

Enthrallment The Voice of Human PerversityBulgarian death metal powerhouse Enthrallment are back with their latest opus, “The Voice of Human Perversity.” Fans of the band know what they are getting into with each Enthrallment release. Their brand of death metal is no frills and no apologies. They run over the listener like a jackhammer with no remorse.

As evidenced in their previous releases, the band does not vary in sound very much. They do not use melodic tones in their songs, but the tracks are not short on interesting riffs by any means. Some of my favorite riffs on the new album are contained within Rats Before the Worms and the opening of Rove in Hell, which both share a lot of similarities.

Enthrallment’s sound is as raw as ever and gives “The Voice of Human Perversity” an old-school death metal feel along with a classic thrash metal feel with some of their riffs and song openings.

The aforementioned Rove in Hell is evil personified and one of Plamen Bakardzhiev’s best vocal work to date. Drummer Ivo Ivanov is spot-on with every track as is bassist Rumen Pavlov. The guitar tandem of Vasil Furnigov and Andrey Gegov are constantly pumping out new riffs to keep up with Ivanov’s drumwork.

With a career spanning eighteen years of brutality, Enthrallment many now be reinventing the wheel with each passing release, but each release is worthy of giving them the respect that they have never obtained in the death metal community. Honestly, Enthrallment should be much more than an underground band at this point.

The Voice of Human Perversity Tracklisting:
1. Screams Etched Within the Crags
2. Rats Before the Worms
3. Mummified Ante Mortem
4. Rove in Hell
5. Stench of Burnt Down Sanctuary
6. Madness Coloured in Light
7. Tones of Gladness
8. Tool of Suicide

Enthrallment Line-up:
Ivo Ivanov: Drums
Plamen Bakardzhiev: Vocals
Vasil Furnigov: Guitars
Andrey Gegov: Guitars
Rumen Pavlov: Bass