Blu Ray Review-Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher


Coming out This Tuesday

Review-Avengers Confidential-Black Widow & Punisher is the latest gem from the Marvel geniuses. This straight to home video feature is nothing short of decent fun and a mixed bag at best for superhero fans. Marvel once again is working with Madhouse the Japanese studio who worked on last years’ very amazing Iron Man animated film. Kenichi Shimizu is a first time director but you can tell he gets this universe pretty well. In this animated feature the Avengers team up with Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow and Frank Castle aka The Punisher. The plot of this film is that a bunch of high tech weaponry has been used in killings. It is found out that Cain is responsible for the deaths and The Punisher goes after him. Frank then stumbles upon a SHIELD operation. Basically what we get is Natasha and Frank going after Cain, who has a deal to sell an army with superpowers to the person who offers the most. The film is basically centered on Black Widow and Punisher with the rest of the Avengers making an appearance close to the end. The flashbacks we get from Frank’s past were really well done in this Anime style that really came across as very well thought out. Natasha who is voiced by Jennifer Carpenter was really well done and really had so much passion in the delivery. I think the mix of anime with superhero animation is very well done, and could shape the future for this genre. I think even people who frown on anime might be won over with this film. I feel it adds a different layer to the presentation and style of the film. The negatives to this film were the villain, I feel Cain was not a strong villain and really does not come across as anything more than background fodder. This film is very dialogue heavy which means that the action scenes were not as plentiful as one would like. I felt this film really as beautiful as it came across and as good as the dialogue was at times, really needed to give us a little bit more action. Without spoiling this film, I just felt odd that the two main characters of the whole film at the end felt really like supporting characters. This film is heavily influenced more on the DC side of things with the detective feel and that the characters investigate anything before breaking out their powers. In an oversaturated world of superhero films and comic books, this feels like an also ran. It is not bad, but I feel this film is definitely for die-hard fans only. This will not convert any non-fan to jump on any new bandwagons, but it may keep Avenger fans happy till we get Captain America. The voice acting was very well done, the story was fairly entertaining and the animation was very well done. The film has flaws, but it is worth the watch and rental for die-hard fans. (Plus on select blu rays and dvds you get a free ticket to go see Spiderman 2. Which is a win)

7 out of 10