Wrestling Review-Breaking Kayfabe with Jim Cornette


Review-Breaking Kayfabe has returned and this time around Sean Oliver has Jim Cornette. With this series, most of the time we get some background history into the wrestling personality’s personal life, like inner demons, alcohol, drugs, family abuse and etc. Jim Cornette does not have those issues; his issues are with the wrestling business. Clocking in at a shade less than 3 hours, I am not sure if we can call this an interview or just Jim Cornette being Jim Cornette. One thing is for sure when Cornette does any kind of shoot interviews, he never holds back and this time is no different. The first half hour or so, we go into his dislike of Vince Russo. This relationship started in the WWE and it just seemed from the get-go they were never going to be on the same page or even want to exist in the same zip code. To the shock of the wrestling community for a short time during his TNA stint, they did get along for the period of a sandwich. That is all chronicled in the first minutes of this shoot. After that it seems the rest of the conversation is about his time in ROH. Which I will say right now for anyone into wrestling, this was the most entertaining must listen stuff I have heard. Cornette talks about his start all the way up to his last days. I will be honest; Sean Oliver in this episode was nothing more than a background fixture. Cornette did not need any questions; he went on his own rants and stories and really never let up one second, which made this the best Breaking Kayfabe video to date. When you get these interviews you are always worried about what is really going on or who is trying to pull the wool over your eyes, but with this interview or speech I should say, Cornette was so passionate and you can tell it ached him to even think back on it. The only negative I had with this was that it was not longer. (haha joking) The final ten minutes, Sean tried to ask Jim a few questions which Jim at first goes into business for himself yet again, especially when the talk became about God. Jim Cornette is one of those wrestling figures like an Eric Bischoff, a Vince Russo and etc. that if they did not exist what would the business be today. All in all, this is one of Cornette’s finest hours, well three hours and it is such a must for all ROH, Cornette or just old school wrestling fans.

10 out of 10