Movie Review-The Shadow


This title will be released on February 25, 2014.

Review-Alec Baldwin has had an interesting career to say the least, both on and off screen. Today when people think of Alec they think of his SNL appearances, 30 Rock and whatever TMZ is reporting. In the mid to late 80’s thru the 90’s, Baldwin was a very creative actor. From his role in Beetlejuice that was the sanity to Michael Keaton’s insanity, to being the evil doctor in Malice, and all the films he did with his then wife Kim Bassinger, Alec has had a great movie career. The Shadow came out in 1994 that film that came out and barely broke even at the box office and then found a new life on home video. This being my first time to watch this film in 20 years I have to say honestly while some of it does feel dated, the blu ray transfer at least made it look modern enough. The film opens in Tibet, where a villain in long purple fingernails is in an opium den where business as usual is going on where executions of both Ying Ko’s enemies and friends happen without a care in the world. Ying Ko is taken in by an ancient wise man who forces him to change. Ying Ko becomes Lamont Cranston who then is known as our hero The Shadow. He leaves Tibet behind and moves to New York City to start a new life. The Shadow is one of those movies that if you like the actors, you will like the film. Alec Baldwin brings cockiness to The Shadow that some may find off-putting, but I did not seem to mind. This film pays tribute to the noirs of the later day and really has a look and feel that may keep viewers engulfed while wondering what is going to happen next. The story itself has issues and may not keep a short attention span movie fan involved. This film relies more on style and tone, it gives you so much to look at that the visual alone at times does leak a passion on screen. Alec Baldwin as Lamont was a perfect casting; the man has that old school flair and remains so calm when he delivers such cheesy lines. He wears a cape and a wide-brimmed hat, and stalks the night streets, fighting crime. His nemesis is the last survivor of Genghis Khan, Shiwan Kahn, who is there to finish the job. Like The Shadow he also has the power to cloud men’s minds. In a plot which inevitably involves world domination, they are surrounded by many minds to cloud. Then we have the love interest of The Shadow, Margo Lane. She also has mental powers of her own. The love stuff is sort of silly and cheesy, but the backdrop they act from is amazing and easily helps the scenes go across. This film is successful in parts, and in other parts, it struggles. But, I really found the film to be fun for the most part and keep me entertained. This film takes patience and no expectations. All in all, this film was better the second time and on blu ray is so worth the money just for the transfer alone.

7 out of 10