Movie Review-The Facility


Coming March 4th

Review-Of all the film genres horror is the most passionate in my eyes. The question being with any horror film is, “what scares us”. The Facility is that film that I feel some people are going to really get into, and others will roll their eyes and be totally bored with. Like Final Destination this slasher film has an unseen evil, this time it comes in the form of a chemical that a handful of people are experimenting with. Our victims are basically guinea pigs who are being held at a facility and given a drug to take to see what the effects are. At first the effects are normal like drowsiness, throwing up and just everyday sicknesses. The training facility staff forgets to tell the guinea pigs that other side effects will be rage, violence, hallucinations and feelings of killing. Some of the test people get another injection called placebos which do not have the same effects as does the PRO-9. The Facility is a slow build film, it takes around 20 to 30 minutes for this film to get going, which for some may be a turnoff, but for me it helped me understand the characters and feel for them when the injections change some of them. The film has some good gore and really good tense moments that I found really fun, but the film does tend to get into dialogue more than actual horror which I felt made the film feel like it was dragging at times. I felt the acting in this film was good but not great, the plot was interesting enough to keep my attention. I thought the ending was really interesting for the audience of this film to come up with their own conclusions as to what could happen once we go into the credits. I just wish they would have kept the suspense and horror going more, and not had such an uneven pace. This film really was a good effort and is a decent rental, but I feel that with this premise and the background they give us going into this film, it should have been so much more. Again, I liked this film enough to recommend barely, I really wanted to love it.

6 out of 10