Movie Review-Scarecrow


Review-Ever since I first saw William Wesley’s Scarecrows film in the late 80’s. What that film did so right was take a fear of the dark add some demon possessed scarecrows, and a group of bank robbers in the middle of nowhere trying to survive. What every other scarecrow film since then has screwed up on is that it fails to deliver horror and goes more for cheese or low budget special effects that hurt its effectiveness. The closest Scarecrow horror film since Wesley’s was Husk, and now Syfy has given us yet another made for television horror film that is absolutely horrible. There seems to be a track record Syfy has with films in general that people when they see those words on a dvd box always cringe, and this time you should cringe worse than you have before. Scarecrow is an absolutely bad film; there is not one part of this film that I found even remotely entertaining or scary. The opening sequence with two people in a barn that by some fate they are climbing a ladder together and the ladder somehow falls or they fall off and we get Scarecrow coming into play. From there we get a bunch of people going in the middle of nowhere only to be assaulted by Scarecrow. This film then takes a turn when they run inside this abounded house in the middle of nowhere to hide from the threat of the Scarecrow. This film has some of the worst acting I ever witnessed in even a Syfy film. The violence and blood is on a television scale so you know you are not going to get too much of either, but that was not the problem with this film. This film is just boring and so uninspired, you got people in a field being dragged around and being chased by this force but they all seem to be able to get away with ease, except for only one person in the first encounter. The film from there gives us some bad acting, horrible dialogue and just a holding pattern that they sit there and try to give us a reason to care about them. What we do get in the way of the actual Scarecrow is a letdown; it looks so hokey and just so overdone that instead of scaring us I thought it would tell us jokes. I felt that the longer this film went, the shorter the attention span got. This film just really was made just to say they made this film. In the final ten minutes it gets so television friendly I was expecting a talk show host to come out and thank us for watching. All in all, this is a waste of time and will bore most of you so badly you will swear off Syfy films.

2 out of 10