Movie Review-Pig


March 11th the journey will begin

Review-Pig is that odd film that once the disc comes out of the machine, the film seems to linger in your mind for hours. To compare this amnesia little drama to Memento is such a cheap way to describe it. Pig, while it does have the same feel as Memento, this film is truly its own film. Like Nolan’s masterpiece, this is a puzzle of a film where the beauty of the watching experience is trying to piece the film together. The film opens with a man who is suffering memory loss; he wakes up by himself in the middle of the desert with a black hood over his head. His hands are tied behind his back, and the name of “Manny Elder” is scribbled on a piece of paper in his pocket. He is discovered by a woman with a son who along with a odd doctor helps nurse him back to health. The oddness of this situation is how easy she is willing to share so much with this stranger including her house. This film goes from drama to road film as it plays out, and beside the landlord we meet a woman who claims to be a lover as well. We are not sure about who is really who. I liked the bulk of this film but there are some down parts that I wish they would have kept the tense and impact going a little more. This film I felt the longer it went, that they lost the intrigue to the story and characters. This film really lost its vision in the final ten minutes or so, and the last act suffered because of it. I felt the acting in the film was decent and passable, but this film just tried so hard and in the end, should have put more thought into how this film could play out instead of trying to just give us a simple ending we could all figure out before it happens. This film was ok, but I was hoping for so much more by the ending and this film just simply ran out of ideas and gas by then. All in all, I would say Pig really was a ok effort that felt a little lackluster in the end, but the first forty minutes really sold me that this film could be very good and I wish they would have just filmed 2 shorts instead of one whole film. I would say maybe a rental, but be cautious of what you are getting into.

8 out of 10 for the first half of the film
5.5 out of 10 for the second half

7 out of 10 for the film as a whole…