Movie Review-Night of the Demons (1988)


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Review-Review-Before I get into this review I have to admit something. I was not a fan of the remake of this film. I know all the other bloggers and critics lost their loads on it, but I found it so weak compared to the original. For me, to remake a classic and Night of the Demons make no mistake about it is an 80’s classic, you have to make it exciting not just follow the original and drag slowly. This is another case of Shout really answering the fans and giving them another classic with such a beautiful and amazing transfer. The film focuses on Judy who is going on a date with a guy named Jay. The film takes place on that dreaded Halloween time when all the shit seems to go down. This young couple is going to a Halloween Party at a mortuary called Hull House. We also learn that they are not alone as a bunch of other young adults are going to be there also. This party is held by Angela who is the goth girl that wants to take this usual shindig of booze, dancing, music and the guys seducing and have a séance. After all, it is Halloween no one wants to party or have sex; they all want to awaken evil. Well as fate would have it, they awaken an evil demonic power that possesses Angela’s friend Suzanne. Suzanne starts to act strange; well stranger then people are used to and begin to attack people thus turning them into demonic beings. While on the surface to some this may sound like your typical 80’s horror with the clichés and cheese, but while it may have both of them on display, it also wears them proudly and provides the viewer with a very good ride. This film has some really good jump scares and characters that come across in one scene as annoying then the next as sympathetic. The film moves at a perfect pace and keeps the viewer at the edge of their seats throughout. This film skimps on the blood and gore, but the horror element was so smartly done, that I felt blood would cheapen the atmosphere it created. This is an 80’s horror film so you get a few scenes with nudity and some very cheesy dialogue with situations to boot. Night of the Demons has so many selling points for you guys and gals. Beside the transfer and a blu ray finally, there is scream queen legend Linnea Quigley who gives us a good time and while her acting is not the best, she still gives you that famous Linnea attitude and personality that will make you remember her even after the credits come on. Looking back on 80’s horror, this film is an example of how innocent and fun the genre was at the time. Today, horror has taken a back step to trends and making families happy, that films like Night of the Demons is an example of when horror was made for the fact of scaring people and them leaving having a great time. I think the future of horror should be going back to recapture what worked in the first place. Not so much to make remakes or sequels, or even copies but being inspired. I loved this film and equally loved Part 2, so my advice get this film and sit back.

9 out of 10