Movie Review-Lost in Thailand


Review-I am a fan of Chinese cinema; to me they have really inspired the American market in the last 30 years to think above its normal standards. That being said though when I say Chinese cinema I am not talking about comedy, because to me comedies from different countries are always a harder sell. Words get lost in translation or situations that we normally do not face may not have the same reaction. Lost in Thailand is a film that has a brain to it though some people may look at as some kind of Hangover knockoff, at least the film is smart enough to make its comedy so broad that Americans could get the jokes or at least relate. The film is about Xu Lang who is a leader in a Beijing corporation whose team is developing a way to make petroleum go further. The rival Gao Bo along with Xu are out to get Zhou Yang who is the company officer his power of attorney. The catch is that Yang currently is in a Thailand monastery. As we learn more about Xu he is currently on the eve of divorce and stuck with Wang Bao who is pretty much the Zach role in Hangover. This film is fun if anything else, you will not be bored or feel out of place with the characters or how they react and the situations they get into. This film felt like it was targeting Americans and you can tell they really did their homework on how to make it very smart and effective. This film to me felt more inspired by the National Lampoon films of the early 80’s from how broad the characters were and the problems they found themselves into. The negatives to this film were as smart as the characters were, they really were not likable. Xu comes across as a piece of shit, while we are rooting on the villain Gao who I felt came across from the abuse he takes as a cartoon character. This film means well but I feel it did not really want to give us much of a balance of goodness to get behind. This film has plenty of comedy to keep people interested, but the characters in this film really have no one to cheer. All in all, this is well worth a rental but I would hold off on buying it unless you get it on the cheap.

7 out of 10