Movie Review-Hours


Review-The late Paul Walker’s latest film is about Hurricane Katrina when it hit in New Orleans. As a lot of us people from the south know, (me included) how devastating that Hurricane was. This film opens with Paul playing a husband whose wife goes into labor the night that the hurricane is in effect. Complications with the childbirth kill his wife early on in the film, but his daughter survives but is on a 48 hour support system till she recovers from the birth. As the storm gets worst so does the conditions, and we see Paul Walker have to deal with anything and everything that can happen to put him and his new born daughter in danger. This film I feel for the people of the south, will hit home a little too much. The film tries very hard but I felt it was so slow and dragging at times that it sort of killed the interest when the film does pick up around the 25 minute mark. The acting in this film felt like direct to video, as did some of the situations. If Paul Walker was signing up for films like this when he became famous why not sign on for films like Joy Ride 2 as well? I love a film that really puts a person in a situation that can happen, but with this film they played it too hard and over-dramatic on what is going on where it just comes across as fake. Like when he is going to the cafeteria looking for food and the cook just piles on the drama like he is trying to keep going and going with how dire the situation is and it felt phony. In films like this, a little is enough you do not need over-acting on a situation that really does not require acting at all.
The film is not all bad, and the last act of the film I found myself really getting into it. I think Paul Walker as an actor was decent, as an action star that was his gift. He could have been the next James Bond with what he brings to suspense and action, but the acting talent of Walker was better if he had someone he could gel with on screen. Walker needs a strong actor to sell his acting is what I am trying to say. The hurricane backdrop in the hospital was good, you would really think you were watching the news in some of the scenes in this film. A film about Katrina’s effect in New Orleans and put in it a actor who untimely died and his wife in the film who does die with a child who needs to stay alive, that is a tough sell.
If you are a Paul Walker fan this film is better than some of the Fast and Furious films, you may dig it. The first half is slow and drags and second half is not too bad and will entertain the casual movie fan. You have some decent little suspense scenes, a melodrama about a man fighting his environment and surroundings and trying to overcome what is thrown at him. I can give it a little recommend, just for the fact that is one of the last films Paul worked on before his death, and for that alone I feel people will want to maybe check it out.

7 out of 10