Movie Review-Hellbenders 3D


Review-I have to admit I was stoked a year ago when I found out about Hellbenders. This film sounded to me like it could be something that could convert non fans of horror comedies to them. Now that I finally watched the film, I have to say this film will not convert them, but it could make fans of horror comedies stop liking them. This film is basically flat, unfunny and just boringly lazy. You just know in the first ten minutes how bad this film is heading towards, just with how the characters just try to be funny with material that is not funny or even smirk worthy. Clancy Brown plays Father Angus who goes against demons daily. Unlike most religious people you know, these guys and one girl do all the sins repeatedly. The group is called the Hellbound Saints and when one of their very own is possessed by a entity called The God Killer they seem to have a lot on their hands. In addition to this they must save humanity from changing into zombies. Also if that was not enough they have the archdiocese representative auditing them and wanting them to become obsolete thus shutting them down. This film absolutely bored me from start to dreadful end, films like this make blogging and reviewing so hard. I am supposed to come up with a selling point, something positive to tell you about to sell this product, but in reality I have nothing. This tries so hard to be slapstick that it fails to just be presentable. The humor is poorly executed and messy. There is not horror element to keep a horror fan interested, and not enough humor to have a comedy fan interested. This film is just a bad idea gone wrong. The characters were so flat and just uninspired, that you felt for them around the half way mark and wanted to shut it off. The film is presented if you have a 3D television in 3D which for me I found even that element to be lame. This film would have been better to have someone proof read the material and point out what needs to be changed and how the actors could work with the material more effectively. This film just could not keep me interested, and by the end I was so happy to see the credits. All in all, this film is bad. Even if you like bad films that are so bad you feel you have to watch them, use caution when treading into these hills.

2 out of 10