Movie Review-Gravity


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Review-Gravity is that Hollywood blockbuster that comes around once a Oscar season that you know is going to be something dazzling and addicting. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney play two astronauts who deal with disaster and how they try to persevere in dire times. The shock to this film is that you would think it is about astronauts and the fear of being in danger in space, but this film plays like a survival film. Bullock plays Dr. Ryan Stone who you get to know all her struggles and seems out of place trying to repair the Hubble telescope. Then we are introduced to Clooney’s Matt Kowalski. Matt comes across as an easy going guy who seems at home in space. When debris destroy the telescope and their means to get back home, they both find themselves marooned in space. Gravity tells a beautiful story, but I feel some will complain that it does get too melodramatic as it goes on and really comes across for the most part as too simplistic. I feel this film is so imaginative that you cannot help but be amazed by the realism of space they captured. I have to admit to watch the way Bullock was able to portray an astronaut in zero gravity was genius. The scenes with her and Clooney in space trying to get to safety were also genius. The free fall stuff where they tumble and go in circles in space did get a bit dizzying and I would think that with the earth in the background some people may not be able to handle the scenes. But, for the ones who can they were beautifully shot but they do get really dizzying. The last twenty minutes of this film was the only negative I had of this experience. I felt the film as clever and imaginative it was that the last part felt safe that it had to wrap the whole story up in a pretty little bow. I would have loved it to end different and maybe not made things look so hopeful to get to the ending. While Gravity earns every Oscar and good review it gets, for all its positives this film is from a masterpiece. I know people are comparing it to 2001 or The Right Stuff and Apollo 13. I feel the only comparisons to those it does have, is that it takes place in space and deals with a tragedy and how to work around it. I feel Bullock is again on a roll, with The Heat last year and now Gravity. Gravity make no mistake about it, becomes a Sandra Bullock show and she delivers in a way that shows people her career is far from dead. If this review is to tell you guys to see Gravity or buy it, I would say yes. This is a very tense space adventure that will give you a visually stunning 91 minutes. I thought the camera work was jaw dropping and very awe-inspiring. The script was an afterthought but I felt the characters reactions and visuals were all the acting you would need. Do I see this winning the Oscar? In the year of American Hustle and 12 Years as a Slave, that is a tough call but I do see people who see this film to be in love with it.

8.5 out of 10