Movie Review-Frightmare


Coming March 18th

Review-I have to be honest I am impartial to Kino and what Redemption is doing with all these blu ray transfers. In the last year, I have really been in film nerd heaven. I mean these guys are digging the far realms of films and also some classics to put their very amazing treatment on them. That being said, Frightmare is an interesting yet frustrating film. The film is basically about a couple who after a span of 15 years are let out of the Asylum. Edmund Yates as we find out covers up for his wife Dorothy who is a cannibal and murderer. We are also introduced to Jackie Yates who is a young lady with a major issue and that being her teenage sister Debbie. Debbie likes to run with the local biker gang and beat up people for fun. Her ways catch up with her as the police suspect her of being an accomplice to murder. A young shrink takes a liking to Jackie and becomes mixed up in this insane family. This film has so much going for it, it has some very intense moments, and has enough blood to keep people into the gore very happy. The issues though are this film wants to be so many things that I feel it really fail to pack the punch it should have had. Frightmare is not a bad film at all, but it just is such a confused mess that the film struggled trying to keep a cohesive pace and not trying to shift its tone and atmosphere just to try and try to be just a standard run of the mill drama/horror film. The acting in this film esp. Sheila Keith playing Dorothy is first rate and really is just so captivating and amazing. She really has this mix of innocence and evil that makes her so believable. This film gives us so much unnecessary stuff like side plots; romance scenes that I felt did not fit the mold and really slowed the film down. How this film passed by the MPAA at that time is just jaw dropping, this film for the blood alone seems ahead of its time. I know Shriek Show put out the Pete Walker Collection a while back, and I will say right now that this transfer is better than the 1.85:1 transfer you got that time out. I would have loved this film to be creepier and bent on trying to scare me more. This film is more about the parts more than the whole, and at its center it tried very hard but ultimately this time out the film was ok, but it should have been so much more. If you never seen it before, I would recommend the one time watch on blu ray. Some horror fans may really dig this film. For all the negatives I went thru, the film did keep my attention and never bored me which as we all know is good. There are times though when it does drag, but I feel the payoff in the end made the film worth the journey barely.

6 out of 10