Movie Review-Fighting for a Generation: 20 Years of the UFC


This title will be released on February 25, 2014

Review-I just had the opportunity to watch this UFC documentary and to be honest this is a must see for any fan of the MMA world. Taking a page out of the WWE playbook, UFC give you a tell all from the beginning to now look at how both the sport evolve and how many times it was scary for all involved that it may not survive. I discovered UFC when I went to the video store and I saw the first dvd. I remember watching it at first thinking it was fake, till later on the card it got real, very real and looked like a human cockfight. To be honest, I took the dvd to my brother and said you have to see this and next thing I know we both are looking for more titles. This documentary thru the eyes of people who were there and a referee, gives us what it was like in those days for all involved. The majority of this documentary though seems to center around the White and Fertitta days, people claim that is when the sport was legitimized and felt more important. For me, I was more of a fan of the early days with the no rules and let’s hurt each other to the point that one of us is either going to die, be beaten unconscious or submit. Now, I will admit cards that have the super-bout that carry the attraction names, I do love to watch as well. This tells how the Fertitta brothers went against their dad’s wishes and kept UFC going, that the first years were rough and they were pouring millions into the sinking ship at the time. This also chronicles events like how The Ultimate Fighter changed it all for them. This documentary I felt was near perfect, but I would have loved more interviews and footage of the first 10 UFC bouts, which I feel were some of the best. Though, the one that soured me and my brother the Shamrock vs Dan “the Beast” Severn was also talked about, which I think is the worst UFC fight of all time. If you are a UFC fan this is such a must buy, and if you never watched this stuff before this may be a great educational tool. No matter how much you think you know about MMA and UFC, this documentary will teach you things you may not know. I was never a Dana White fan, and I am still not. I feel his mouth and ego kill the industry, this does seem like an ego stroke at times. All in all, I felt this is a repeat watching ordeal and that this was a well thought out and insightful documentary that really makes me glad that I still watch this stuff religiously.

9 out of 10