Movie Review-Children of Sorrow


Review-Children of Sorrow has had a lot of people talking and raving. I thought going into this film that my expectations given what I been hearing would be too high. I am here to say Children of Sorrow is quite possibly the best release from After Dark Originals. This film is all that hype and then some more. The film follows a wayward young woman named Hannah who goes into this strange cult looking for her missing sister. This is shot in the style of a found footage film and concentrates on the cult leader Simon Leach. Right from the start, you just know that this man is fucked up out of his mind, and that his definition of sanity is thru watching others go thru pain or maybe brainwashing and manipulating people to believe what he speaks. The first half of the film follows Hannah in this camp with other wayward young adults just like her who are brainwashed and led to believe that Simon is this healer and leader. The first half of the film it seems that Simon is a voice of reason to these wayward young adults, he seems like he is trying to heal them on the surface but also trying to gain their trust as well. The second half of the film is when the storytelling aspect of the first half disappears and everything changes and it seems Simon wants sacrifices. The promise of a better afterlife that heals all the wounds is the promise that these kids seem to be seeking out. Bill Oberst Jr. as Simon was genius, he has the facial expressions that really get the viewer to react. You watch what he tells these kids then see how he personally reacts and it is a recipe for success. What this film does is becomes a rubber band, as the dialogue and films goes on, the rubber band gets tighter and tighter then it just pops and you know that things are going to really get out of hand. This film delivers on the horror aspect in the last half hour which will keep the casual horror fan happy. This film also has a darkness a surreal cruelness that really makes the viewer uneasy watching this film play out. As cruel as Simon gets, the film really captures how easily we are led like sheep and can be manipulated by people who promise us anything that can better our situations. This is easily Bill’s best work to date, and he comes across like Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The ending shot of the film was such a cruel little goodbye that I am hoping they give us more into this story with future sequels. All in all, this is a must see and will be in my end of the year best list easily. This film is sadistic, cruel and sick. I have to say in closing, After Dark Originals Volume 2 with Ritual and now this, they are really putting out some solid horror films that can get the fans excited about this genre. This should be seen immediately.

9 out of 10

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  • James, thank you for taking the time to watch and review Jourdan McClure’s Children Of Sorrow, man. And thank you for all you and Wicked Channel do to support indie horror. Most times these films are a labor of love. Much respect and appreciation to you for a great site where fans can learn about what’s new.

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